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Autonomous Shuttle via Bosch| future of mass transport▶️ #Analytics #MachineLearning #AI #IoT #IIoT #BigData #DataScience #Linux #Serverless #flutter #Coding #DEVCommunity #SelfDrivingCars #SmartCity #EV #AutonomousVehicle #FinTech #100DaysOfCode https://t.co/VfoEHjgyO3
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Check out these streetcars wallpapers
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Tech is powering the future of civil disobedience
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Quieter Landings, Stranded Tourists, and More Transport News This Week
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Intel's Mobileye will help China's public transport go autonomous
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Arrivo partners with a Chinese state-owned infrastructure developer to commercialize hyperloop tech
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Tesla responds to fresh reports of Model 3 production issues
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Universa Takes to the Skies
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China’s elevated bus project comes to a standstill
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Chinese electric vehicle startup Nio will sell mass-production car next year
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It’s like the world got together and agreed on a Bat Signal for mass transportation. (via CityLab)
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Cities: Skylines next expansion to add ferries, blimps and cable cars
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Lyft expands to Fargo, Topeka, Pensacola, Iowa City, and 50 more cities
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Tesla says Model 3 on track for volume production by September
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In many, many places the car is still king. Which makes sense, because in those places there's really no other option.
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All NYC subway stations will have cellular and Wi-Fi service tomorrow
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Don't vote against mass transit just because Uber is so cheap
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Hyperloop One is hyping 500 mph train rides in the UAE
Google Maps gets a new look, adds Wi-Fi only mode, areas of interest and mass transit delays
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Hyperloop One wants to build super-fast, on-demand underwater transport systems
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Deutsche Bahn looking at adding autonomous cars to its mass transit network
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The Tesla of garbage trucks wants to make city buses more sustainable
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Elon Musk wants to solve traffic congestion with self-driving buses
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Lyft gets back to Zimride roots with Lyft Carpool
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Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs announces Flow, a US DOT partnership to improve mass transit
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West Virginia’s retro-futuristic pod car network in photos
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President Obama wants to fund trains and self-driving cars with a new oil tax
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UberHop is Uber’s latest idea for killing mass transit
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Self-driving cars may become a mass reality faster than you think
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Inside New York's shadow transportation network