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These Milwaukee Packout Add-Ons Will Help Liven Up Any Workspace
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WIRED's 11 Noteworthy Long-form Stories of 2023
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The new HP Envy Move all-in-one PC is designed to be transported easily
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In 50 Words: WeRide gets UAE’s first self-driving vehicle license for public testing
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Germany set to make it easier for international tech talent to get work visas
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ComfortDelGro pumps $4.3m into mobility-focused impact fund
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UK pumps cold cash into green freight with new £7M tech fund
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Heads-up #DataScience people + friends If you want to make transport planning more data-driven and effective: new jobs @activetraveleng incoming, likely next week. Please pass on this opportunity to use #rstats #Python #Data skills to inform policy https://t.co/lA9OQIP9CI
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UK announces nearly £2 million worth of grants for tech startups enabling better transport
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Otter.ai challenger Airgram raises $10M to transcribe and time your video calls
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Boundary Layer wants to steal air freight’s lunch and transport it by water instead
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Can Mirai Flights make it easier to book a private jet? Its new investors think so
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BrightDrop EP1: Check out this self-propelled box on wheels - Roadshow
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Don't rush to adopt QUIC – it's a slog to make it faster than TCP
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Qantas gears up digital health pass ahead of international flights resuming
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Google’s new crowd predictions for Maps may coax me back onto subways
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ChargerHelp co-founder, CEO Kameale C. Terry is heading to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021
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We have 10 years to cut transport emissions in half — here’s how
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If we make cities safer for women, everyone benefits
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Advanced AI enabled cameras make it easy to track & plan for public transport utilities #Robotics #Automation #Robot #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Engineering #AI #IOT By @visiveAI https://t.co/cLOjPuXoZ3
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Don’t talk or make phone calls on public transport — it’s a COVID risk
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How data analytics is helping to make the Hyperloop dream a transport reality https://diginomica.com/how-data-and-analytics-helping-make-hyperloop-dream-transport-reality #MachineLearning #DataScience #Python #AI #100DaysOfCode #IoT #flutter #javascript #Serverless #CyberSecurity #tech #DDoS #DeepLearning #COVID19 #data #RPA #IIoT #5G #NLP
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How Gen Z’s travel behaviors are changing the way we all get around for the better
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After raising €2 million, CitySwift wants to help bus companies manage the social distancing challenge
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3 possible scenarios for restoring public transport after COVID-19
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Wind might make coronavirus even more dangerous – here’s how
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Are we on for the 12 - 13 March in @City_Ekurhuleni? Transport is covered from JHB and PTA Just make sure that you sign up here http://4irdigitalskills.co.za/ #DataScienceHack #DataScience https://t.co/UKfoOf0gov
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Almost all Amsterdam’s commercial boats are now electric
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What we can do to make sure automation doesn’t negatively affect the work force
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Apple Watch Diary: Express Transit, a tiny feature that makes a big difference
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Cycle to work? How data is discovering the routes you didn’t know you needed
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Volkswagen’s new all-electric concept wagon could be coming to the U.S. by 2022
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Aira, Microsoft, and Moovit make public transport more accessible for the visually impaired
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Does technology make moving nukes safe? Depends whom you ask
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Quieter Landings, Stranded Tourists, and More Transport News This Week
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Today wrapped up @ICAO’s #Innovation Fair in #Montreal, where we shared how Thales is leveraging #AI, #bigdata, #connectivity & #cybersecurity to make air transport more secure, safe & efficient. Missed it? Check out the @thalesaerospace handle for event highlights. #IWAF2019 https://t.co/qcZprjiF19
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Finnish startup Revonte secures $2 million to ‘make e-bikes smart’
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Dutch AI startup Aiir scores €500,000 in funding to help make aircraft engines more secure
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Uber lays off 400 as cost-cutting efforts ramp up
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How big biased datasets make social inequalities worse
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VizibleZone wants to make pedestrians more visible to autonomous cars
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Cruise says its AV successfully completed 1,400 unprotected left hand turns
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Victoria looks to make public transport info available in real-time
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Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system
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Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical
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A court ruling ‘chalking’ illegal could make way for more privacy-invasive tech
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Travis Kalanick stands to make billions from Uber’s IPO
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Chinese Province’s Transport Upgrade Plans Will Make Full Use of Blockchain, IoT