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Auto supplier Continental shifts gears — and its capital — to an electric future
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Bird launches UK's first scooter sharing service on one London path
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Uber is now banned in Italy for unfair competition
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Uber seeks EC ruling that it is a digital service, not a transportation company
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Germany wants a ‘black box’ in any car with self-driving features
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eBay, Amazon and Google face EU sanctions if they’re not hacker-proof
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India Proposes Legal Guidelines For Ridesharing Apps Like Uber And Ola
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China’s Proposes Stricter Laws Targeted At Ridesharing Apps Like Didi Kuaidi And Uber
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Here’s what IoT will do for transportation
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Following Charges, Uber Confronts Its Asian Dilemma
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Korean Authorities Charge Uber Over Transportation Laws, Threaten CEO With Jail Time
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Uber launches in Portland, Oregon despite being complely illegal there
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Uber hit with French “deceptive practices” fine and UK tax complaint