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PR: Bitcoin.com Partners With Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association to Spread BCH Adoption
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Grab pulls in $250M from Hyundai as ongoing round reaches $2.7B
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Kakao is putting speech recognition tech into cars from Hyundai and Kia
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Chat app Kakao raises $437M for its Korean ride-hailing service
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
HTT signs on South Korea to build a full scale Hyperloop system
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Samsung joins the self-driving car race as it preps for testing in South Korea
@mashable.com 4 years ago
Samsung's self-driving cars are hitting the streets
@theverge.com 4 years ago
Samsung just got approved to test its self-driving cars in South Korea
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Naver will soon begin testing self-driving cars on Korean roads
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The proposed Snowpiercer TV series could fix the film’s mistakes
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Uber suspends UberX services in South Korea — but promises to return
@thenextweb.com 6 years ago
UberX cabs suspended in Seoul
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Following Charges, Uber Confronts Its Asian Dilemma
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Korean Authorities Charge Uber Over Transportation Laws, Threaten CEO With Jail Time