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E-bike or electric scooter: Which is right for you?
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Airlines increasingly reliant on ‘ghost flights’ during coronavirus outbreak
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Tech is powering the future of civil disobedience
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Auto supplier Continental shifts gears — and its capital — to an electric future
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The UK government has issued new cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars
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China’s Didi invests in Taxify, an Uber rival operating in Europe and Africa
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Transfix keeps on truckin’, with $42 million in fresh funding led by NEA
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Why Universal Basic Income and tax breaks won’t save us from the jobless future
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Baby tech draws seed funding and a few big rounds
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Chevrolet says in-car 4G LTE data use jumped almost 200% in 2016
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ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged
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Mercedes launches car-sharing service Croove
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Uber invented Beacon because not every Prius is your ride home
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Scoop gets Bay Area cities to pick up the tab for carpooling to alleviate traffic jams
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Aria Systems launches automotive recurring revenue platform
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Jurors could visit crime scenes in VR in the future
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Moovit’s new Facebook chatbot for transport proves v0 is not going to be good
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Amazon to lease 20 Boeing aircraft for cargo delivery
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RT @SuB8u: Drones are increasingly used to help in humanitarian disasters -search, transport, mapping... http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/ca1be56c-158f-11e5-8e6a-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3eCN8VZoO http://t.co/F8m8RmUpDq