@wired.com 3 months ago
The Transport Companies Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind
@thenextweb.com 12 months ago
Dutch students use iron balls for safe hydrogen storage and transport
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Fuel-cell car with a hydrogen cartridge instead of a tank🤯 #AI #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #MI #DL #Transport #Robotics #Engineering #EmergingTech #Analytics #DataScience #IIoT #Python #Javascript #TensorFlow #CloudComputing #DevCommunity #Serverless #DataScientist https://t.co/PJ6PyYn8CW
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EV laggards BMW and Toyota to partner on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
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Toyota introduces portable hydrogen cartridge prototype in effort to support clean energy
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Musk talks Tesla demand, EV startups, and scooters in expansive interview
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When It Comes to Buses, Will Hydrogen or Electric Win?
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Are hydrogen fuel cells the future of green transport? Sorta
@thenextweb.com 2 years ago
Are hydrogen fuel cells the future of green transport? Sorta
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This inland waterway vessel runs solely on hydrogen! by @DigitalTrends #AI #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #Digital #DigitalTransformation #Technology #Transport #Greentech Cc: @simplivllc @ronald_vanloon @msftresearch https://t.co/gRLyRMpKN6
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Amazon invests in zero carbon footprint aviation startup ZeroAvia
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Hyundai’s fuel cell SUV just scored a top safety rating from IIHS
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It’s too early to write off hydrogen vehicles
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Toyota’s ‘Fine-Comfort Ride’ fuel cell concept aims for long-range flexibility
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Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks put to work in Port of LA pilot
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Nikola and Bosch team on powertrain design for hydrogen electric long-haul trucks
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Harvard scientists have created the rarest material on earth
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Some of the biggest automakers are taking hydrogen seriously. What now?
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Hydrogen, hybrid, or electric? Toyota & Nissan make competing bets on green-car tech