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2024 Nissan Sentra Review: The Good And The Bad Of A Very Cheap New Car
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This '60s British Turboprop Plane Is So Good, It's Still In Service Today
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NYC's transport authority returns to Twitter as free API access is restored
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Europe’s first licensed cargo drone is edging ever closer to action
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Drones in cities are a bad idea
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What do we mean when we say ‘free’ public transport? 
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Why the UK’s decarbonization plan is good, but not great
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Google Assistant gets granular, well-organized notification controls (Update: Rolling out widely)
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E-scooters are just as safe as cycling, but that’s not saying much
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Google Assistant gets granular, well-organized notification controls
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Finding a good read among billions of choices. MIT researchers developed a technique for cutting through massive amounts of text that combines three popular text-analysis tools — topic modeling, word embeddings, and optimal transport #DataScience #AI #NLP http://bit.ly/37XOrkv https://t.co/7Nau00eAfK
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Uber loses London operator’s license again
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Audi’s new scooter might actually solve a major problem with scooters
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Volkswagen launches WeShare all-electric car sharing service
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5 really, really good reasons to attend TC Sessions: Mobility
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How the trade war with China hit Uber’s public offering
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A court ruling ‘chalking’ illegal could make way for more privacy-invasive tech
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Sony launches a taxi-hailing app to rival Uber in Tokyo
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"Once you allow transport networks like AT&T and Comcast to also own content, and then allow those transport networks to merge, consolidate, and divide ...
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Self-driving pods could be the (boring) future of urban transport
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Porsche’s electrification to lead to most powerful 911 to date, says CEO
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Jaguar reveals the new all-electric I-PACE SUV
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Volvo’s car subscription service sounds like good way to get the new XC40
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Drones carrying blood could be the future of rural medicine
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You can now pay for public transport in China's capital with Android phones
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FlySpaces, an Airbnb for office space in Southeast Asia, raises $2.1M
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Hyperloop One shows off progress on its full-scale test site in Nevada
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Lyft announces huge Midwest expansion, launching in 54 cities and four new states
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Autonomous passenger drones will fly you across Dubai starting this July
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There's a new Hyperloop company, and its leader is a familiar face
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This app helps pregnant women get a seat on public transport
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Airlines can now stop warning passengers about Samsung Galaxy Note7
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Elon Musk plays Overwatch, thinks storytelling is neglected in modern games
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5 tough questions for Hyperloop One
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There's a reason your commute sucks: it's because transportation planning doesn't account for Americans' actual travel patterns.
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New regulations could make it a lot easier for the US to build speedy transport options.
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Could this ride sharing app change your morning commute for good? (via Inc. Magazine)
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Does porn rule Google's free Wi-Fi at Indian railway stations? No one knows
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These foldable Bluetooth headphones let you take your music anywhere
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India wants Uber and Ola to train women drivers
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RT @elonmusk: Out on LZ-1. We just completed the post-landing inspection and all systems look good. Ready to fly again. https://t.co/1OfA8h7Vrf
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Trulia can now help you find a place to rent near public transport
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Trulia’s ‘Rent Near Transit’ filter finds great rentals with good commutes
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The FAA's new rules for drones are bad news for Amazon
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The London Underground's last update to its typeface, which happened in the 1970s, was good for a while. But we're living in the age of the internet now, ...
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What if a bot could run a country?
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Hyperloop startup selects Vibranium for pods because it’s good enough for Captain America
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You’re good to go with these 6 travel and transport startups