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Transport For London Adds AI To Its Cameras To Bust Fare Jumpers, Bike Riders
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Quebec to receive $4.6 million in funding for new EV chargers
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The second talk in the second session of day two of #Dielectrics22 is given by @alexganose from @imperialcollege on understanding electronic transport in semiconductors using high-throughout calculations and #MachineLearning https://t.co/Yve4f3CCT2
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Pipeline ransomware attack: US invokes emergency transport rules to keep fuel flowing
How technology rewrites your diet
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UK city launches ‘smart junctions’ that prioritize cyclists and pedestrians
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DoorDash signs agreement with transport union to protect deliverers during COVID-19
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Uber turns SaaS vendor with deal that bakes public transport authority into its app
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Here’s how public transport in European cities must adapt to ‘the new normal’
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Uber has again been denied licence renewal in London over safety risks
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Uber gets temporary two-month license reprieve in London
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London keeps Uber on short license as it scrutinizes firm
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Waymo is now allowed to transport passengers in its self-driving vehicles on California roads
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Aptiv’s self-driving BMWs have made more than 50,000 rides on the Lyft app in Las Vegas
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C2A raises $6.5M for its in-car cybersecurity platform
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My Tesla Model X test drive made me an Autopilot superfan
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Uber is losing its license in London because it’s not a ‘fit and proper’ operator
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The biggest data leak in Swedish history was also the most avoidable
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How AI will transform education in 2017
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Elon Musk actually believes Rex Tillerson could be an “excellent” Secretary of State
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It’s 2017, every city needs buses with USB ports
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Uber invented Beacon because not every Prius is your ride home
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RideGuru includes driver payouts in its price comparison service for ride hailing apps
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Ride shuts down commuter carpooling service, pivots to family-friendly shuttle option
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Uber for 911 transport is a horrible idea
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U.S. chief data scientist: Entrepreneurs should do a ‘tour of duty’ in government
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This online game gave scientists new insight into quantum computing strategies
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Uber gets green light to continue in Moscow, but can only use licensed taxi drivers
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UberHop is Uber’s latest idea for killing mass transit
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Safety zealot hid a phone jammer in his SUV to stop other drivers taking calls