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Transport For London Adds AI To Its Cameras To Bust Fare Jumpers, Bike Riders
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London Underground Is Testing Real-Time AI Surveillance Tools to Spot Crime
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Apple Pay Express Mode Now Available in New South Wales
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Tech is powering the future of civil disobedience
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Uber forced to raise prices by up to 80% in Hong Kong
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Uber to pull out of Denmark, blaming new taxi law
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Austin is fine without Uber and Lyft…until it isn’t
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American Airlines will offer cheaper tickets but carry-on bags won’t be allowed
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Hackers are holding San Francisco’s light-rail system for ransom
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United Airlines’ new basic economy fares ban carry-on baggage
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The NYC subway may have limited mobile ticketing as soon as next year
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London Underground wants to sell its mobile ticketing technology abroad
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You won't be able to use your phone to pay for an NYC subway ride until 2021
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Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and how wholesome games taught me a terrible lesson
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San Francisco’s new transit app will let you pay your fare with PayPal
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UK driverless car testing rules: Don’t use your phone, even if you’re not in the car
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San Francisco is getting a mobile fare-payment app for Muni transport, pilot launching this summer
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The next big thing in transportation is carpooling
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Taxi regulator TfL concludes Uber is operating lawfully in London
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Uber's First Celebrity Passengers Chauffeured Around Jakarta