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Cruise to be Dubai's exclusive self-driving taxi provider, report says - Roadshow
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Uber riders now earn rewards for shopping during their trip with new Cargo app
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Toyota testing improved solar roof for electric cars that can charge while driving
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Volkswagen launches WeShare all-electric car sharing service
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In a bid to corner supply, Bird locks in exclusive deals with the biggest scooter vendors
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Kasko2Go launches in-app safe driver community and tech to reduce premiums
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Here are some GIFs of Lucid Motors’ electric car drifting seductively through the snow
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Subaru is the latest to get a self-driving test licence in California
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Watch the exclusive video of Hyperloop engineers explaining how they got Hyperloop technology to work.
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Galaxy Note 7s don’t explode, they sizzle
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Meet the collectors who resell toys to pay off their Comic-Con addiction
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Why the U.S. Army, Alaska Airlines, and Amtrak may soon launch Facebook chatbots
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What if a bot could run a country?
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Imagineers: Uber’s engineering manager Conrad Whelan on the future of transport
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"Uber, the unicorn transportation and logistics company considered by private investors to be more valuable than Ford Motor Company or FedEx, is rebranding." ...
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The exclusive Tesla club: The Australians buying the electric dream
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Navut readies U.S. launch so movers to another city can know which neighborhood they want
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Backed By $3.5 Million, SnowShoe Debuts Clever, Plastic “Stamps” That Unlock Content On Mobile Phones
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Apple Watch is ugly and boring (and Steve Jobs would have agreed)