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This UK startup can capture 95% of a ship’s carbon emissions
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Tim Hortons is using an electric transport truck in Ontario
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Sweden’s Scania unveils world’s first semi-truck covered in solar panels
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Tech is breaking accessibility barriers in transport — here’s how
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Dutch startup targets European intercity air taxi service from 2027
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Research: EVs are the greenest cars but their supply chains are damn dirty
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Cosmic dust from Venus is inspiring new air pollution-busting technology
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Transport apps can help reduce car use — but they’re not female-friendly
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7 reasons why we are failing to decarbonize transport
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Shipping platform Ankeri, which also calculates carbon emissions, closes €2M round
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The transport industry isn’t doing enough to halt climate change, report says
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DHL wants to build the world’s first electric air cargo network
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We have 10 years to cut transport emissions in half — here’s how
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EVs and green policies aren’t enough: Transport CO2 emissions set to rise 16% by 2050
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Are plug-in hybrids worse for the planet than we’ve been told? It depends
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Australians could’ve saved $716,320,000 in fuel if CO2 legislation had come 3 years earlier
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Mercedes Will Use Blockchain to Track Carbon Emissions in Cobalt Supply Chain
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Say hello to Ellen, the electric ferry with 57 times the battery capacity of a Tesla
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Electric planes are here — but they won’t reduce CO₂ emissions
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Auto supplier Continental shifts gears — and its capital — to an electric future
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GM and Fiat Chrysler are buying Tesla’s regulatory credits
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Tesla's latest zero-emissions ride is a $1,500 surfboard
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Germany orders Daimler to recall 238,000 diesel vehicles
@abcnews.go.com 5 years ago
Transport minister: 238,000 Daimler diesels in Germany subject to immediate recall over excess emissions
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UPS is working on a fleet of 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks
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12 major cities pledge to adopt all-electric buses by 2025
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Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks put to work in Port of LA pilot
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The future of transport is about more than driverless cars
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Uber plans to electrify uberX in London by 2019, entire city fleet by 2025
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Mayor of London’s plan for city transport aims for zero emissions by 2050
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Meet T-pod, an autonomous electric truck that can also be controlled remotely
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How can we employ #bigdata and #IoT to lower transport emissions? Sigmund Henningsen from @FourC_AS shares views… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/791993743347941376
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VW warned not to cheat on diesel emissions in 2007, suppressed internal 2011 whistleblower
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Some of the biggest automakers are taking hydrogen seriously. What now?
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Uber wants to use its data to help build better cities
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Uber signs deal with Boston to share ride data for public planning
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Mobility-as-a-service: Turning transportation into a software industry