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Northwestern University soft robot moves without hardware or electricity
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Wind and quite a bit of fog shroud Boris Johnson's energy vision for the UK
State-Run Ukranian Railway in Lviv Gets Caught Mining Bitcoin
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Small islands might be the first to achieve a full-electric transport system
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Banking the unbanked in emerging markets
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Elon Musk promises to fix South Australia’s electricity woes in 100 days
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Protecting America’s critical infrastructure must remain a priority
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#WSJDLive is having a startup competition this evening. First up: a speed bump that generates electricity.
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Business Models For Sustainable Electricity
@pmarca 5 years ago
RT @conorsen: Your weekend read is @AlexRubalcava on the coming collapse in the cost of electricity/car transportation: https://medium.com/@alexrubalcava/a-roadmap-for-a-world-without-drivers-573aede0c968
@pmarca 6 years ago
RT @AlexRubalcava: @pmarca my theory: at low prices oil/transport & electricity are separate markets. At high prices, substitution drives convergence to 1 mkt.
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These robots use static electricity to move boxes, fruits, and iPads