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The new HP Envy Move all-in-one PC is designed to be transported easily
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
GM is latest to join the race to streamline EV charging
@bgr.com 4 years ago
Lime’s new subscription plan makes e-scooter much more affordable
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Aira, Microsoft, and Moovit make public transport more accessible for the visually impaired
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CHEAP: $60 for this 2TB Western Digital portable HD? TIME TO TEAR OFF OUR CLOTHES IN JOY
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Schneider’s EVLink car charging stations were easily hackable, thanks to a hardcoded password
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Uber launches Uber Health, a B2B ride-hailing platform for healthcare
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Spin unveils its stationless electric bike
@mashable.com 6 years ago
Say hello to the Bluetooth speaker that easily fits in your pocket or purse
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Fetch launches self-service truck rentals to help you move the big stuff
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
Uber app to display real-time public transit data so you can easily combine modes of transport
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Uber Problem: Its technology because it can be copied easily #startup #founder #Entrepreneur #uber #lyft #Competition #tech #iot #bigdata
@OurielOhayon 7 years ago
I guess users would not "delete" their Tesla as easily. Or their next hyperloop/ Spacex ticket? https://thenextweb.com/us/2017/02/03/ubers-ceo-is-quitting-trumps-advisory-council-but-elon-musk-is-sticking-around/
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
Lyft now grabs destinations from your calendar, custom shortcuts to follow soon
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
Uber to host a summit on making on-demand air transit affordable
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
General Motors’ Maven car-sharing service expands to San Francisco, its 9th market
@BigDataGear 7 years ago
Wait, someone's stealing that train: smart city transport can be easily hacked http://bit.ly/2b0SzVa #bigdata
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Add up to 128GB storage to your iOS device with the iKlips flash drive
@WIRED 8 years ago
Next time someone tells you to smile, blame it on your long serotonin transporter gene. (via OZY)
@WIRED 8 years ago
The vulnerability, dubbed “Logjam,” affects what’s known as the Transport Layer Security protocol that web sites, VPN servers and mail servers use ...