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Hitting the Books: 'Vision Zero' could help reclaim roads from American car culture
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Eco-friendly tech isn’t without its costs: we must cut energy demand now
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Brazilian startup Yellow raises $63M — the largest Series A ever for a Latin American startup
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Curious about how people 100 years ago thought '2018 technology' would be? Interesting look at the tech predictions from 10 decades ago. https://t.co/VNxAiDYkp9 #IoT #AI #DL #DX #MachineLearning #transport #Transportation #tech #CES #robots #Robotics #3Dprinting
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If you build a flying car, will they come?
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AI and automation are developing a world that was unimaginable just a few decades ago.
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How Winnipeg focused on local strengths to create a tech hub in central Canada
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US Secretary of Transportation Foxx: ‘How much force is applied by the future administration is an open question’
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UK approves third runway for London's Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport
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London wants Uber drivers to prove they can speak English
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The Tesla of garbage trucks wants to make city buses more sustainable
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Microsoft, Google, Comcast, LinkedIn and more join forces to work on encrypted email
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Visualizing the future of cities with New York's ex-transportation chief
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Automakers in the age of extinction
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Healthcare Is The Last Industry To Be Disrupted, Says KPCB’s Beth Seidenberg
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Here’s what IoT will do for transportation
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Some of the biggest automakers are taking hydrogen seriously. What now?
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The National Transportation Safety Board is considering a petition to re-investigate the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly.
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NASA hopes to use its new Space Launch System to rocket crewed Orion spacecraft to space, maybe even to Mars.
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Uber Wins The 2014 Crunchie For Best Overall Startup
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6 reasons to be terrified about the future of transportation
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The flying aircraft carrier from 'The Avengers' is real, sort of