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We can look to science fiction shows for the future of urban transport
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UK city launches ‘smart junctions’ that prioritize cyclists and pedestrians
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Tesla shows off next-gen automated emergency breaking stopping for pedestrians and cyclists
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Germany wants EU-wide safety system for truck 'blind spots'
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Self-driving pods could be the (boring) future of urban transport
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Forget the subway, Elon Musk wants us all to commute on his 'Urban Loop System'
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Elon Musk shares updated pedestrian-first Boring Co. Hyperloop transit plan
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Taking a truly driverless ride in Waymo’s Chrysler Pacifica
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This smart bike helmet has built-in indicator lights
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Uber’s self-driving cars put cyclists at risk, warns bike advocate group
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The Paris Motor Show opens amid a war on cars
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Bicycle 'bell' emails the mayor when you experience danger
@paul_markovits 8 years ago
#IoT #BigData & sensible transport planning. How @Strava is helping make cities safer for cyclists. (Via @fairsnape) http://observer.com/2016/03/strava-cities/?utm_content=buffer5bd82&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer