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GoTo’s on-demand segment charts its roadmap to profitability
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Mechanical sails? Batteries? Shippers forming 'green corridors' to fast-track cleaner technologies
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Transport Apps Promised to Eliminate Friction. But at What Cost?
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Berlin sticks it to Russia by offering a €9 monthly public transport ticket
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The European transport sector is growing fast but #BigData could help keep up with the changes by building smarter systems that are: ✅safer greener & more cost-effective 🇪🇺funded @LeMO_H2020 project points us the way http://bit.ly/LeMO-project https://t.co/IKkLMfpyts
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The Netherlands will give citizens up to $4,400 for buying new electric vehicles
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Uber lays off 400 as cost-cutting efforts ramp up
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Why all standard black Tesla cars are about to cost $1,000 more
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Elon Musk's ultra-high-speed hyperloop will cost just $1 to ride
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Amazon isn’t to blame the Postal Service’s woes, but it will need to innovate to survive
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UPS is working on a fleet of 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks
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SpaceX to use a net boat called ‘Mr. Steven’ to recover next rocket fairing
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This is how much it'd cost you, since 1980, to drive 100 miles. #dataviz #bigdata #transport https://t.co/PnSvW0Yk4t
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Tesla Semi has the technical capability to convoy today
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Indian startup Flux Auto wants to democratize self-driving tech for trucks
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Mark Cuban’s hoverboard will cost $1,299
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The Lucid Air electric car starts at just $60,000 – before tax credit
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GM’s new Maven Reserve service offers monthly vehicle rentals
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SpaceX Moon mission: the latest news about Elon Musk's plans for a trip around the Moon
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TSA Precheck signs 11 more airlines, and if you fly you should have it
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#BigData #Analytics changing the cost of #Christmas by impacting the price of #SupplyChain: http://www.financemagnates.com/fintech/bloggers/can-analytics-change-cost-christmas/?utm_content=bufferb5f8e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer #fintech #DataScience
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RideGuru includes driver payouts in its price comparison service for ride hailing apps
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Google Waze wants to one-up Uber by letting anyone be a rideshare driver
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Meet the collectors who resell toys to pay off their Comic-Con addiction
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Roadie closes $15M Series B to help you transport the creepy mannequin collection you hide from your friends
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U.S. DOT and Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs aim to create new public transit and wifi networks
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Shypmate Pays Travelers To Bring Products To Ghana And Nigeria
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Nick Allen Is Out As CEO Of Shuddle, Doug Aley Steps In To Lead ‘Uber For Kids’ Startup
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14 reasons you need an electric bike now
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RT @conorsen: Your weekend read is @AlexRubalcava on the coming collapse in the cost of electricity/car transportation: https://medium.com/@alexrubalcava/a-roadmap-for-a-world-without-drivers-573aede0c968
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Google creates Sidewalk Labs to redesign city living with technology
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When An UberPOP Driver Gets Fined In Paris, Uber Pays For The Fine
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For those who asked: sample monthly real cost of using public transport to commute from SF to Silicon Valley. YMMV http://t.co/tp8iB7nGr4
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RT @prchovanec: In the 20th Century, the cost of food dropped 13-fold, energy 20-fold, and transportation 100-fold. http://www.amazon.com/Abundance-Future-Better-Than-Think/dp/145161683X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418230048&sr=8-1&keywords=abundance
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NASA Partners With Boeing And SpaceX To Send Astronauts Up In Space Taxis
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Bridj Raises $4M, Hires Former Chicago & DC Transport Head Gabe Klein To Reinvent Your Commute
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The car service price war continues: Challenging Uber, Gett tests $10 rides