San Francisco's railways to upgrade from floppy discs
San Francisco's light rail to upgrade from floppy disks 1 month ago
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Hitting the Books: 'Vision Zero' could help reclaim roads from American car culture 11 months ago
Cincinnati City Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal with Ceragon for Public Safety Network Upgrade 11 months ago
Citymapper lowers the paywall for premium features but keeps monthly subscription for removing ads 1 year ago
Elon Musk’s The Boring Company seeks to double the size of its Vegas Loop 1 year ago
Singapore’s AV startups go beyond driverless cars 1 year ago
ZTE, Turkcell Deploy 'World's First' Commercial 12THz WDM System 1 year ago
European micromobility startup Reby acquired by PE player House of Lithium for $100M
@PryvateApp 2 years ago
All Systems Down: Nottingham City Transport Turns Off Its IT Systems To Urgently Stop Recent Coordinated Cyber Attack #bigdata #cybersecurity #england #databreach #dataprotection #transport #bbc #nottingham 2 years ago
The motorcycle ride-hailing wars in Nigeria and Uganda is SafeBoda’s to lose 2 years ago
Dubai wants 25% of all journeys in the city to be ‘driverless’ by 2030 3 years ago
Jersey City to expand on-demand transport after shift in commuting habits 3 years ago
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England’s West Midlands is going to reward people for not using their cars 3 years ago
Don’t talk or make phone calls on public transport — it’s a COVID risk 3 years ago
Gothenburg gears up to test future transport tech in the heart of town 3 years ago
How Bangkok’s 40,000-kilometer transport network was mapped for the first time
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Read the latest #TuringBlog Just add time: the dizzying potential of dynamic graphs From toxic online communities to city transport patterns, software developed at the Turing is shedding new light on how networks evolve Image Hanson Lu/Unsplash #BigData 3 years ago
Brussels to give under-25s free public transport from next year
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➡️Read our NEW #TuringBlog From toxic online communities to city transport patterns, software developed at the Turing is shedding new light on how networks evolve: #DataScience #AI #Artificialintelligence #BigData (Image: Sunward Art / Shutterstock) 3 years ago
On-demand public transport sounds like a luxury — but it can actually save cities money 3 years ago
UK city launches ‘smart junctions’ that prioritize cyclists and pedestrians 3 years ago
Zurich to use rideshare service to plug public transport gaps 3 years ago
Texas voters green light $7.1B plan to overhaul Austin’s public transport 3 years ago
Transport for London gets £1.8B bailout to weather coronavirus 3 years ago
Uber competitor Ola banned in London over safety concerns 3 years ago
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Here’s how cities can keep congestion reduced post-coronavirus 3 years ago
Some UK bus riders will get Facebook DMs to warn if transport is too busy as lockdown lifts 3 years ago
Amazon to pay over $1 billion to secure self-driving startup Zoox: report 3 years ago
Segway to Heaven: Mega-hyped wonder-scooter that was going to remake city transport to cease production 3 years ago
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TFL: Only 20% of London commuters will use public transport after lockdowns ease up 4 years ago
Lithuanian company Trafi will bring Mobility-as-a-Service platform to Munich’s transportation system 4 years ago
Las Vegas does 5G its own way, looking to win big as a smart city - CNET 4 years ago
UK government opens trial for wirelessly charged taxis
@whyRconf 4 years ago
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This is the flying taxi Hyundai is building for Uber 4 years ago
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FedEx robot sent packing by NYC 4 years ago
Taxi for Uber: Ride-hailing app giant stripped of licence to operate in London 4 years ago
Uber loses its London license as regulator cites a ‘pattern of failures’ 4 years ago
[Update: Now live] City of Cupertino launching on-demand public transport, available for all Apple employees 4 years ago
Microsoft is testing a smartphone-based AI system for driving license tests in India 4 years ago
Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region