Santander bank trials blockchain platform for used cars in Brazil
@cloudpreacher 3 years ago
Blockchain as an effective #technology for #decentralized distributed storage and #Security management has already demonstrated great advantages! #blockchain can be expanded for use in transport networks, especialy considering distributed & secure storage of #bigdata MT@Block385 3 years ago
When Lambo? Lamborghini Launches Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps 3 years ago
US Transportation Dept. Says Blockchain Could Bring More Trust to Commercial Drones 3 years ago
Indian Tech Firm Develops HyperLedger Blockchain App for Vehicle Inspection 3 years ago
Sony Bets on Blockchain to Reshape the Future of Public Transport 3 years ago
Major Airline AirAsia Launches Blockchain-Driven Cargo Booking System 3 years ago
General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map 3 years ago
China’s 2nd-Largest Courier Using Blockchain to Deliver Key Supplies Amid Pandemic 3 years ago
Nippon Express Developing Blockchain Transport Network 3 years ago
Mercedes Will Use Blockchain to Track Carbon Emissions in Cobalt Supply Chain 4 years ago
HashCash to Trace Mineral Supply Chain From Congo For Car Manufacturers 4 years ago
Lamborghini Now Uses Salesforce Blockchain to Certify Heritage Cars 4 years ago
Volvo to Use Blockchain-Traceable Cobalt in Its Electric Car Batteries 4 years ago
Blockchain Startup Raises $5M to Automate Airport Security Checks 4 years ago
Blockchain and DNA-Based Fuel Tracking Solution Launches Commercially 4 years ago
BMW, General Motors, Ford to Start Testing Blockchain Payments in Cars 4 years ago
Indian Car Manufacturer Tata Motors Calls for Automotive Blockchain Tech 4 years ago
Continental Unveils Demo Earning App for Blockchain-Based Car Platform 4 years ago
Mercedes-Benz in China Joins PlatOn for Blockchain Used Car Data 4 years ago
Thai Customs Department Plans to Use IBM’s Tradelens to Track Shipping 4 years ago
Software Engineering Firm EPAM Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance 4 years ago
Commerzbank Tests Blockchain Machine to Machine Payments with Daimler 4 years ago
Volvo is Using Blockchain to Source Conflict-Free Cobalt for Its Cars 4 years ago
Canadian Transcontinental Railway Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance 4 years ago
S7 Airlines Processed Over $1M Via Blockchain Payment Platform in July 4 years ago
Mercedes Parent Firm is Building a Crypto Hardware Wallet for Cars 4 years ago
Siemens Considers Using Blockchain Tech for Carsharing 4 years ago
Digital Tech Is Driving Growth in Transportation Management Systems 4 years ago
Turkey Puts Central Bank Digital Currency on New Economic Roadmap 4 years ago
Blockchain Startup Solve.Care Partners with Uber to Transport Patients 4 years ago
Blockchain-Based Used Car Data Marketplace to Launch in Singapore 4 years ago
Russian Authorities Sign MoU With Maersk to Officially Launch TradeLens in Russia 4 years ago
Honda And GM to Research Smart Grid, Electric Car Interoperability With Blockchain Tech 4 years ago
Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical 4 years ago
University of Nevada, Reno Develops Driverless Vehicle Blockchain Tech With IoT Firm 4 years ago
South Korea’s Largest Car Supplier Hyundai to Use DLT in Smartphone-EV Pairing Tool 4 years ago
IBM Patents Blockchain Implementation to Manage Data For Autonomous Vehicles 4 years ago
Chinese Province’s Transport Upgrade Plans Will Make Full Use of Blockchain, IoT 4 years ago
PR: Partners With Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association to Spread BCH Adoption 4 years ago
China: Shenzhen Issues Country’s First Subway Electronic Invoices Backed With Blockchain 4 years ago
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Australian Insurer Announces Blockchain Trial For Beef Export Supply Chain 5 years ago
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Blockchain Platform Joins Transport Alliance to Better Offer Supply Chain Solutions 5 years ago
UK’s Biggest Port Operator to Explore Blockchain Solution 5 years ago
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Future Flight: Boeing Will Use Blockchain Tech to Track Unmanned Air Vehicles