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Blockchain as an effective #technology for #decentralized distributed storage and #Security management has already demonstrated great advantages! #blockchain can be expanded for use in transport networks, especialy considering distributed & secure storage of #bigdata MT@Block385 https://t.co/7GCKFNNaj9
When Lambo? Lamborghini Launches Blockchain-Based Collectible Stamps
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US Transportation Dept. Says Blockchain Could Bring More Trust to Commercial Drones
Indian Tech Firm Develops HyperLedger Blockchain App for Vehicle Inspection
Sony Bets on Blockchain to Reshape the Future of Public Transport
Major Airline AirAsia Launches Blockchain-Driven Cargo Booking System
General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map
China’s 2nd-Largest Courier Using Blockchain to Deliver Key Supplies Amid Pandemic
Nippon Express Developing Blockchain Transport Network
Mercedes Will Use Blockchain to Track Carbon Emissions in Cobalt Supply Chain
HashCash to Trace Mineral Supply Chain From Congo For Car Manufacturers
Lamborghini Now Uses Salesforce Blockchain to Certify Heritage Cars
Volvo to Use Blockchain-Traceable Cobalt in Its Electric Car Batteries
Blockchain Startup Raises $5M to Automate Airport Security Checks
Blockchain and DNA-Based Fuel Tracking Solution Launches Commercially
BMW, General Motors, Ford to Start Testing Blockchain Payments in Cars
Indian Car Manufacturer Tata Motors Calls for Automotive Blockchain Tech
Continental Unveils Demo Earning App for Blockchain-Based Car Platform
Mercedes-Benz in China Joins PlatOn for Blockchain Used Car Data
Thai Customs Department Plans to Use IBM’s Tradelens to Track Shipping
Software Engineering Firm EPAM Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance
Commerzbank Tests Blockchain Machine to Machine Payments with Daimler
Volvo is Using Blockchain to Source Conflict-Free Cobalt for Its Cars
Canadian Transcontinental Railway Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance
S7 Airlines Processed Over $1M Via Blockchain Payment Platform in July
Mercedes Parent Firm is Building a Crypto Hardware Wallet for Cars
Siemens Considers Using Blockchain Tech for Carsharing
Digital Tech Is Driving Growth in Transportation Management Systems
Turkey Puts Central Bank Digital Currency on New Economic Roadmap
Blockchain Startup Solve.Care Partners with Uber to Transport Patients
Blockchain-Based Used Car Data Marketplace to Launch in Singapore
Russian Authorities Sign MoU With Maersk to Officially Launch TradeLens in Russia
Honda And GM to Research Smart Grid, Electric Car Interoperability With Blockchain Tech
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Autonomous vehicles make congestion pricing even more critical
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University of Nevada, Reno Develops Driverless Vehicle Blockchain Tech With IoT Firm
@cointelegraph.com 2 years ago
South Korea’s Largest Car Supplier Hyundai to Use DLT in Smartphone-EV Pairing Tool
@cointelegraph.com 2 years ago
IBM Patents Blockchain Implementation to Manage Data For Autonomous Vehicles
@cointelegraph.com 2 years ago
Chinese Province’s Transport Upgrade Plans Will Make Full Use of Blockchain, IoT
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PR: Bitcoin.com Partners With Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association to Spread BCH Adoption
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China: Shenzhen Issues Country’s First Subway Electronic Invoices Backed With Blockchain
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Harley Davidson reveals more about its push into electric vehicles
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Australian Insurer Announces Blockchain Trial For Beef Export Supply Chain
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Humans vs Uber: Will Blockchain Help?
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Blockchain Platform Joins Transport Alliance to Better Offer Supply Chain Solutions
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UK’s Biggest Port Operator to Explore Blockchain Solution
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Blockchain Firm to Raise $24 Billion for Electric Bus Upgrades in China
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Future Flight: Boeing Will Use Blockchain Tech to Track Unmanned Air Vehicles
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HSBC Exec Warns 'Digital Islands' Could Inhibit Blockchain Trade