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Foiled again: Candela raises another $20M to set course for the future of ferries
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Rivian says it’s on track to deliver 25,000 vehicles this year
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SpaceX ‘Gateway to Mars’ video shows off its Starship spacecraft
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China’s Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar
@neowin.net 4 years ago
Drivers could be banned from using hands-free mobile devices in England and Wales
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On the road to self-driving trucks, Starsky Robotics built a traditional trucking business
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Waymo gets to the heart of its case
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The Toyota TJ Cruiser concept is a fun-filled toolbox on wheels
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Hyperloop One says it could replace all air freight among GCC countries
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Volvo’s new XC60 will automatically steer as well as brake to avoid crashes
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Elon Musk actually believes Rex Tillerson could be an “excellent” Secretary of State
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Elon Musk might name his first Mars-bound spaceship after Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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Spiri’s on-demand carpooling service will use custom EVs and let drivers ride free
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Austin transportation director recommends deregulation of the city's taxi industry
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RT @scott_kerr: NEXT believes swarms of ride sharing autonomous pods is the next thing in transportation http://bit.ly/1Yf8t2U https://t.co/azOxxKMD39