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The impact of Machine Learning on the trucking and transport industries will be profound, and it has already begun. #futureoflogistics #technology #digitalsolutions #machinelearning https://knowledgehub.volvotrucks.com/technology-and-innovation/what-role-can-machine-learning-play-in-the-trucking-industry
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Flying taxi startup Blade is helping Silicon Valley CEOs bypass traffic
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Go-Jek kicks off Southeast Asia expansion with Vietnam launch
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Elon Musk shares footage of The Boring Company’s first working car elevator
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Elon Musk needs your help to name his tunneling machine
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Justice Department starts criminal probe into Uber
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Uber reportedly under investigation over use of software to evade authorities
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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies just started building its first passenger pod
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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building its first full-size passenger pod
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Hyperloop One is in early talks with the Indian government
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It’s 2017, every city needs buses with USB ports
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Ford begins testing Transit Plug-in Hybrids in London ahead of 2019 production
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GM’s Maven starts offering one-way car sharing
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Get on board: Australia has just launched its first driverless bus
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Tesla and Mobileye disagree on lack of emergency braking in deadly Autopilot crash
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Volvo's in-car delivery service will bring packages to your trunk
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New York’s MTA reinforces its hoverboard ban with new signs