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A6. The #transportation industry could be deeply impacted by innovations in #artificialintelligence and #machinelearning. Granting vehicles more autonomous capabilities could result in a boom in driverless transport in the coming years. #IEEETwitterChat https://t.co/DhEEq6vbg2
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California suspends Pony.ai driverless test permit after crash
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Einride founder Robert Falck on his moral obligation to electrify autonomous trucking
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Waymo Via will test autonomous freight deliveries w/ UPS on Class 8 trucks
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Einride launches autonomous pods and electric freight operations in U.S.
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Transport for NSW to investigate the use of driverless rideshare services
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Plus’s Level 4 autonomous trucking technology speeds transition to sustainable commercial transport
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Why regulators love Nuro’s self-driving delivery vehicles
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Self-flying planes could transport passengers one day—but first, packages
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University of Waterloo launches driverless autonomous 5G shuttle
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Waymo and JB Hunt partner to bring autonomous trucks to Texas in new pilot
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Wingcopter debuts a triple-drop drone to create “logistical highways in the sky”
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Hyundai IONIQ 5 will be Motional and Lyft’s first robotaxi
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Starship delivery robots complete 1,000,000 deliveries to become #2 autonomous transport company @CurieuxExplorer #Robotics #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Automation #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfMLCode #WomenWhoCode #VegaLMS via http://bit.ly/3oI1MFy https://t.co/90haP3mjDK
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Autonomous Shuttle via Bosch| future of mass transport #Analytics #MachineLearning #AI #IoT #IIoT #BigData #DataScience #Linux #flutter #Coding #DEVCommunity #Femtech #SelfDrivingCars #SmartCity #EV #AutonomousVehicle #FinTech #100DaysOfCode https://t.co/dfnjhNwaTZ https://twitter.com/Analytics_699/status/1330104312433938434
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Autonomous Shuttle via Bosch| future of mass transport▶️ #Analytics #MachineLearning #AI #IoT #IIoT #BigData #DataScience #Linux #Serverless #flutter #Coding #DEVCommunity #SelfDrivingCars #SmartCity #EV #AutonomousVehicle #FinTech #100DaysOfCode https://t.co/VfoEHjgyO3
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Einride’s self-driving freight transporter hits the global market
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Trains , Taxis , Parking and Autonomous driving ️- All areas covered in our latest update from the #Mobility product development team. Check out our new article to discover the future of transport - https://buff.ly/3hPGkLd 🤳 #AI #Agents #MachineLearning #Crypto https://t.co/LvmZ2THpRb
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Lyft says self-driving car safety will be built on trust - Roadshow
General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map
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UK takes next step toward world of e-scooters, self-driving cars, and autonomous drones
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How Sensors Is Paving the Way for Autonomous Cars https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-sensors-paving-way-autonomous-cars-pinaki-laskar #SelfDrivingCars #AI #IoT #5G #AutonomousVehicles #selfdriving #autonomous #robotics #tech #sensors #ArtificialIntelligence #Robots #transport #machinelearning #deeplearning #computervision #algorithms
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UK begins testing unsupervised autonomous transport pods
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Daimler and Bosch take a mixed mobility approach to autonomous vehicles
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FedEx robot sent packing by NYC
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
WHILL brings its autonomous wheelchairs to North American airports
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Lyft is adding Chrysler Pacificas to its AV fleet and opening a new dedicated self-driving test facility
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Ghost wants to retrofit your car so it can drive itself on highways in 2020
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Nio, Intel’s Mobileye partner to build self-driving electric cars for consumers
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Hyundai is launching Botride, a robotaxi service in California with Pony.ai and Via
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Volvo creates a dedicated business for autonomous industrial and commercial transport
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Volvo will report autonomous truck financials from 2020
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Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region
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Einride fueled by $25 million Series A to develop sustainable, self-driving vehicles
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Waymo to customers: “Completely driverless Waymo cars are on the way”
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Toyota’s e-Palette will transport athletes during the 2020 Olympics
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Ford expands self-driving vehicle fleet to Austin
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Aptiv and Hyundai form new joint venture focused on autonomous driving
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Voyage raises $31 million to bring driverless taxis to communities
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Didi Chuxing to launch self-driving rides in Shanghai and expand them beyond China by 2021
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Autonomous air transport startup Elroy Air completes first flights of large cargo VTOL
@geekwire.com 2 years ago
Bell shows off an autonomous delivery drone that rivals Amazon’s prototype
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Bell’s innovative VTOL cargo craft takes its first successful autonomous flight
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Waymo releases a self-driving open data set for free use by the research community
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Waymo self-driving cars head to Florida for rainy season
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An autonomous robot EV charger is coming to San Francisco
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Singapore autonomous shuttle buses to start picking up passengers
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Lyft opens to the public autonomous driving data set from its Level 5 self-driving fleet