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Drones and aerial vehicles are set to change our cities, but how?
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What we can do to make sure automation doesn’t negatively affect the work force
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BMW and Daimler partner on autonomous driving, first results of team-up in market by 2024
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@WIRED 3 years ago
Robots & Us: Are robots here to help us, or replace us? Artificial intelligence and automation stand to upend nearly every aspect of modern life, from ...
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AI and automation are developing a world that was unimaginable just a few decades ago.
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Peloton raises $60 million to improve truck platoon safety and efficiency through automation
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Shipping marketplace uShip closes $25 million round led by logistics giant DB Schenker
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Grocery giant demos robotic arm that can pick and pack delicate items such as fruit
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Watch GM’s self-driving car navigate the streets of San Francisco
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Postmates and DoorDash are testing delivery by robot with Starship Technologies
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U.S. Department of Transportation announces a new committee focused on automation
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RT @CCTV_America: 5 tech trends to watch: 1- voice recognition 2- data across devices/automation 3- transport tech 4- AI in daily life 5- digitizing life-@CES
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Dear auto entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox
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Autopilot could make pilots rusty, DOT says
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US airline pilots are overreliant on automation, watchdog says
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Virgin Galactic only hires the best. The talent pool is limited because it has to be: Flying SpaceShipTwo is damn difficult.