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On-demand public transport sounds like a luxury — but it can actually save cities money
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Zurich to use rideshare service to plug public transport gaps
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Texas voters green light $7.1B plan to overhaul Austin’s public transport
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Transport for London gets £1.8B bailout to weather coronavirus
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Uber competitor Ola banned in London over safety concerns
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TIL: Dubai uses AI to plan its bus routes
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3 customer-focused strategies that helped the EU’s public transport withstand the pandemic
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Here’s how cities can keep congestion reduced post-coronavirus
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What is the future for the UK taxi industry post #Covid19? The taxi sector's ability to survive and reinvent itself will form a critical part of the nation’s civic transport strategy. #coronavirus #economy #bigdata #taxis Please read our article. https://pomanda.com/blog/5ef3ae8b2ca2feed11a58923
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Some UK bus riders will get Facebook DMs to warn if transport is too busy as lockdown lifts
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The challenges of revamping public transport after COVID-19 safely
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TFL: Only 20% of London commuters will use public transport after lockdowns ease up
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The Station: Volvo evolves, Skip trips and touchscreen tech
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Investment opportunities in the autonomous vehicle space
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