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Hey @UofT @UTM and @UTSC students! You're invited to an exclusive student meet & greet with Dr. Jenna Wiens from @UMich • #medicine #healthcare #DataScience @uoftmedicine @UofT_dlsph 1 year ago
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Hey learners - if you're looking for more #rdm, #datamanagement & #DataScience learning opportunities, check out @jgolds2's Bio-Medical RDM class (, @thecarpentries, @DataONEorg, and @harvardx has some free classes ( too! #datalibs
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Absolute pleasure working with @hobbes_sr, Prof Huang and @PEMelton on this one. Check it out if you're new to #MachineLearning as we tried to make it a bit more medico friendly ‍⚕️‍ 2 years ago
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Science Says: What happens when researchers make mistakes 4 years ago
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Advice from superstar #AI pioneer @AndrewYNg advice to medical students: don’t go into radiology. If you're planning for 5 year career then maybe OK, but not for longer. [implication AI for pattern recognition will replace MDs - I agree] #bigdata @thehowie 5 years ago
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RT @girlziplocked: Facebook uses your crushes and friends to drain your brain of dopamine all day and that's why you're dying of anxiety.
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"If you want a career in medicine you're better off studying mathematics or computing than biology." #BigData
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RT @daveweigel: And while you're at it, send a caffeine IV drip to @Fahrenthold
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RT @omershapira: you're all idiots. we're all idiots. I'm an idiot. everyone's an idiot.
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If you're in London, check out @sciencemuseum exhibition on #BigData "Our Lives in Data"!
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Nothing in life is free...except use of our #HPC if you're a researcher affiliated with @NYULMC #BigData #Medicine #Science #IT
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Here’s how to binge-watch 'The Knick,' a blood-and-guts look at the beginnings of modern medicine.
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Research indicates that your dog can tell when you're happy -- and when you're really pissed off.