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Google Health licenses its AI breast cancer screening tool to a medical biz
@extremetech.com 12 days ago
Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to More Than 11 Years in Prison for Theranos Fraud
@cnet.com 1 month ago
Apple Sues Masimo, Says Medical Device Company Copied Apple Watch - CNET
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A ‘miracle plant’ was just rediscovered after 2,000 years in Greece
@tberzin 2 months ago
Two years in, GI continues to lead the way (unexpectedly?) in delivering randomized trial evidence for #machinelearning in medicine. Great summary of current #AI RCT landscape: https://ja.ma/3Cmj9FT via @JAMANetworkOpen by @BenjaminKannMD & co. #MedTech https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1168289503347232768 https://t.co/qTBvnufEBj
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Breakthrough chemical may heal wounds twice as fast
@bgr.com 5 months ago
Your liver is always less three years old or younger
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Influencers peddling medical, financial advice now need certification, China says
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Terrifying video shows autonomous robot tank blowing up cars remotely
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Congress is finally taking medical cybersecurity seriously
@abcnews.go.com 6 months ago
Bracing for her future: Human medicine rescues giraffe
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Medical Device Makers Sue Library Of Congress For Allowing People To Fix Their Own Medical Devices
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Introducing the #PythonResolver Roadmap to learn #Python + #DataScience During 3 years working as a Private Tutor, I have tried a variety of materials with more than 500 students from several industries: · Medicine · Finance · Energy · Psychology Check it out ↓
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Verizon Loses Wireless Subscribers Despite Three Years Of 5G Hype
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Autonomous robots used in hundreds of hospitals at risk of remote hijacks
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North America’s First Skull Surgery Was At Least 3,000 Years Ago
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Teens are struggling to quit smoking and vaping
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Injectsense collects $1.7M grant for its eye implant smaller than a grain of rice
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Postdoc position available @HHU_de & @fz_juelich We are looking for a new colleague to work on an interdisciplinary project - #DataScience & #MachineLearning on medical data - Strong team with excellent infrastructure - Duration of the position on to 4 years ! https://t.co/PTUMPk2398
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CDC says COVID-19 variant Omicron is already dominant in the US
@slashgear.com 11 months ago
FDA warns omicron variant can evade certain COVID-19 tests
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Case report reveals plant-based diet may relieve chronic migraines
@KarimHannaMD 1 year ago
#medicine is going to be so much more fun in the next 10 years. #machinelearning is coming. Can’t wait to use this in my practice. #AMIA2021 https://t.co/cHfCpr01OH
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A blind woman received a brain implant enabling vision
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Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine gets FDA panel recommendation for young kids
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Everything is accelerating in the exponential age
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US Army medical records technician sentenced for stealing $1.5 million from veterans through DoD benefit sites
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CDC says 2021 flu shot is vital as another COVID-19 winter nears
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Study finds firefighters at the World Trade Center are more likely to develop cancer
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#Genomics and #machinelearning will be crucial in identifying and analyzing health data in the coming years, creating the building blocks of precision medicine. Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn about the use of genomics in drug development: https://bit.ly/38UHO4A https://t.co/pWT1LyxNXa
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Linux 5.14 had most commits in years, but work has gone smoothly and it should debut next week
@Michael_D_Moor 1 year ago
Preprint alert! Interested in #MachineLearning in #medicine and #sepsis? We developed and validated a #DeepLearning model for predicting sepsis across 5 ICU databases from 3 countries featuring 156k ICU stays and 783 patient years worth of monitoring data. A 🧵. 1/n https://t.co/4RL3UaXYIY
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Breakthrough study suggests it might be impossible to reverse aging
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Apple Watch and Fitbit users with heart conditions are more likely to get medical procedures
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Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids don’t need a prescription
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Medtronic partners with cybersecurity startup Sternum to protect its pacemakers from hackers
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Researchers devise a way for smart speakers to monitor heart rhythm
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After Hyping 5G For Years, Verizon Advises Users To Turn It Off To Avoid Battery Drain
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If you take this common medicine, contact your doctor immediately
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Galaxy Watch 3, Apple Watch 7 might get blood sugar measurement function
@TechRadar 1 year ago
Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Peter Schiff Blames Government for the Massive Dollar Depreciation — Still Refuses to Accept BTC is Digital Gold
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Soccer player head injuries could be reduced by adjusting the ball
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First COVID-19 at-home test FDA authorized for rapid results
@NadinHawwash 2 years ago
Excited for the next three years as an intercalating MB-PhD Student with #TeamRenehan before returning to Year 4 of Medicine. Thank you @MCRCnews for the inspiring welcome event! #PhD #cancer #obesity #statistics #bigdata #MedTwitter #medicine https://t.co/7KoXijC4y0
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Researchers use AI to predict Alzheimer's disease 7 years before clinical diagnosis. https://cnet.co/2J0aP5j @shelbybrown91 @CNET #ArtificialIntelligence #HealthTech #DataScience #DeepLearning #Medicine #BigData #Analytics #MachineLearning #Healthcare #AI https://t.co/CZ6C4x9kXj
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Italian medtech company MMI secures €15 million in financing for robotic microsurgery system
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Cops And Paramedics Are Still Killing Arrestees By Shooting Them Up With Ketamine