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Google is working on AI for ultrasound diagnosis and cancer therapy
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Attention @MICCAI_Society grad students and post-doctoral fellows! Grow your knowledge + skills in medical writing, peer review, statistics, and publication ethics. Apply for the @Radiology_AI Trainee Editorial Board! #MachineLearning #Radiology https://twitter.com/Radiology_AI/status/1512506829951053824
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Writing an article about #AI in #MedicalPhysics? Don't miss this essential editorial on relevant AI and #MachineLearning guidelines, which includes a checklist for authors looking to submit to #MPJ. #MedPhys https://aapm.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/MP.15170
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Writing a grant with no knowledge of biology, statistics or medicine, lacking a clear premise, but stating #MachineLearning a lot; such grants require access to lots of data you don't understand how to clean, or what is being measured. I have reviewed a few of these. https://twitter.com/girish_nadkarni/status/1353859126011568129
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This recent post explores what we can learn from studying how #AI is used to create content in areas such as books, business and legal, medicine, song writing and visual arts. #EdLeaders #Teachers #Students #MachineLearning https://bit.ly/3gbmHwK
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How Can Anyone Argue With A Straight Face That China's Approach To Speech Online Is Better Than The US's During A Pandemic
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Vaccination critic placed on probation by medical board
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Journaling after a divorce can be good for heart health, but bad for emotions
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The entire writing room for the 2016 season of @TheAmericansFX is high on peyote, right? 🤔 https://twitter.com/kaminskimk/status/766543411000119298
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RT @AlexRubalcava: "Rationally, let it be said in a whisper, experience is certainly worth more than theory." -- Amerigo Vespucci, writing to Lorenzo Medici
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Malcolm Gladwell to write pilot for TV medical drama