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Study warns synthetic cannabis alternative ‘spice’ has worse withdrawals
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Blood pressure medicines lower risk of COVID-19 death, study says
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Scientists say this coronavirus risk factor is especially dangerous for men
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Russia’s claim of world’s first coronavirus vaccine raises alarms
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Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
@thefastmode.com 2 years ago
Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
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Why #ArtificialIntelligence Makes #Bad #Medicine Even Worse https://buff.ly/2uDk3NN #fintech #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #BigData @cragcrest #healthcare @HaroldSinnott @pierrepinna @jblefevre60 @psb_dc @Paula_Piccard @diioannid @SabineVdL @WIRED @UrsBolt @horstwilmes https://t.co/iSpPb6WZ9p
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Artificial Intelligence Makes Bad Medicine Even Worse
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Vaping may be worse on cholesterol and blood flow than smoking
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Cop Claims His Shooting Of An Unarmed Man Gave Him PTSD, Walks Off With A Medical Pension
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Your sleep tracker might make insomnia worse
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Scientists pretended to be addicted to heroin to figure out why so many addicts die
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How a family YouTube channel unraveled a medical nightmare
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Omega-3 may improve asthma in kids, but omega-6 could make it worse
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In Boston’s Shadow, Rhode Island Fights for Life Science Jobs, Respect
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AssistENT offers an anti-snoring device you stick in your nose
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If social policy doesn’t deal with America’s ongoing social and political homelessness crisis, it’s going to be an even worse public health problem ...
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Expensive meds might make you feel worse — if you expect them to
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These trippy pictures are actually painkillers from up close
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Regenerative medicine is getting ready for prime time.
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Security firm claims implantable cardiac devices can be hacked
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Hollywood is making a movie about Theranos starring Jennifer Lawrence as founder Elizabeth Holmes
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Hospital paid hackers $17,000 to unlock its data, but it could have been a lot worse
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The Ebola epidemic could be over by January — or worse than ever