@slashgear.com 11 hours ago
That 2-minute coronavirus test FDA approval was a “misunderstanding”
@engadget.com 14 hours ago
Amazon responds to backlash with increased protection for workers
@wired.com 4 days ago
A Hospital Train, DIY Face Shields, and More Car News This Week
@extremetech.com 7 days ago
UK Plans to Roll Out 15-Minute Home Coronavirus Test Kits This Week
@eff.org 8 days ago
Verily's COVID-19 Screening Website Leaves Privacy Questions Unanswered
@cnet.com 10 days ago
Amazon delays shipments of nonessential items in the US by up to a month - CNET
@torrentfreak.com 26 days ago
New Anti-Piracy Campaign Piles On The Scare Tactics But Who’s Scared?
@xconomy.com 1 month ago
Early Bird Sale Ending for San Diego’s Xcelerating Life Sciences Conference
@xconomy.com 2 months ago
Bio Roundup: Mammoth Moves, Black Diamond’s Pop, Ohana’s Debut & More
@9to5mac.com 2 months ago
Apple attending meeting next week promoting improved patient access to health data
@thefastmode.com 2 months ago
KT, Samsung Medical Center Jointly Develops 5G-powered Medical Service
@thefastmode.com 2 months ago
KT, Samsung Medical Center Jointly Develops 5G-powered Medical Service
@engadget.com 2 months ago
This machine keeps transplant livers alive for a week
@Axial_3D 3 months ago
WE'RE HIRING! We are looking for engineers to help with the creation of medical models and machine learning data, to work between 12-24 hours per week. https://www.axial3d.com/careers/ #flexibleworking #jobfairy #belfastjobs #MachineLearning https://t.co/bGFoxoBH83
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Mayo study finds Electronic Health Records less user-friendly than Excel
@slashgear.com 4 months ago
Inflammation triggered by obesity may cause brain damage
@xconomy.com 4 months ago
Liquid Biopsy Firm Lucence Plans Bay Area Buildout With $20M in Tow
5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly
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Get ready for a week of fitness and health tech on Engadget
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Lawsuit: Electronics giant Philips accuses Seattle-area company of hacking its medical devices
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From eye games to military surgery, see how AR/VR is advancing medicine at XRDC!
@abcnews.go.com 5 months ago
Nobel prizes starts with physiology or medicine prize
@mblum_g 6 months ago
Not a usual week-end for me. I will take a leave of absence from academia and @CNRS, and I am thrilled to join the startup @OWKINscience working on #MachineLearning for medical research. https://t.co/x8HDmX4IJa
@TelfordMeredith 6 months ago
This time last week celebrating the work I did using #machinelearning to aid in automated segmentation for the application of #medical3Dprinting! @axial_3D @AIAwardsIrl https://t.co/0Z4ewP7qQh
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Lung injury cases climb to 1,080 as CDC warns public to stop vaping
@techcrunch.com 6 months ago
As it readies a test for vaping additives, cannabis testing company Cannalysis raises $22 million
@geekwire.com 6 months ago
Geek of the Week: UW’s Justin Chan uses computer science skills to democratize medical devices
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SpringWorks and Satsuma Boost This Week’s Biotech IPO Haul to $595M
@engadget.com 7 months ago
Facebook debuts new notifications to fight vaccine misinformation
@engadget.com 7 months ago
Apple Watch may get sleep tracking as soon as next week
@xconomy.com 7 months ago
As Cholesterol Drug Aces Big Test, MedCo CEO Open to Flexible Pricing
@ivanbeckley 7 months ago
Last month I officially graduated from my MSc in #DataScience Last week I passed my clincial exams. Now entering my penultimate year of med school Excited to represent a new breed of medics training in both tech and medicine. Thank you @DeepMind_Health for believeing in me https://t.co/vveXcb9XLz
@slashgear.com 8 months ago
Obesity fix bacteria revealed in 2 breakthrough studies
@SOdaibo 8 months ago
This week I joined @samcharrington at @twimlai to share my journey through #medicine and #math to #machinelearning and #AI, along with the work I’m doing at RETINA-AI Health @retina_ai to diagnose and treat retinal diseases - you don’t want to miss it! http://twimlai.com/talk/284 https://t.co/69F4AR7O5z
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Pocket Pills takes the hassle out of going to the pharmacy [App of the week]
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Blood pressure drug recall expands again: What you need to know
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
After Equifax breach, US watchdog says agencies aren’t properly verifying identities
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
Elderly care in USA depends on immigrants study shows
@techcrunch.com 10 months ago
7.7 million LabCorp records stolen in same hack affecting Quest
@thenextweb.com 10 months ago
Google’s new policy update cracks down on misleading anti-abortion ads
@techcrunch.com 11 months ago
Tencent promises its technology will ‘do good’
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Bio Roundup: Head and Spine Previews, Biogen Moves, IPO Dreams & More
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Don’t blame the measles vaccine for global outbreaks
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Bardy Diagnostics to Ramp Up Cardiac Monitor Sales With $35M Raise
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Bio Roundup: Amyloid Angst, NASH News, Brammer Bagged & More
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It’s no secret that ‘chickenpox parties’ are a terrible idea
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Bio Roundup: Sage Postpartum Help, Biogen Bids Adu, Heart Beats & More
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Magnolia Medical Captures $20M to Reduce Blood Culture Contamination