@cnet.com 3 months ago
Digital health care: Better than the doctor's office? - CNET
@techdirt.com 1 year ago
How Can Anyone Argue With A Straight Face That China's Approach To Speech Online Is Better Than The US's During A Pandemic
@medical_chain 1 year ago
We've been noticed as one of the top vendors of #blockchain and #datascience in the #healthcare market by Health Gazette! http://bit.ly/33SrVaf #MedTech #FutureOfHealthcare
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The best fitness wearables
@NatureMedicine 1 year ago
In 2007, I joined @NatureMedicine as its News Editor and it's amazing how much medicine has evolved since then. In the last half year we've run stories on personalized #antisense therapies, in utero #genetherapy & #MachineLearning in psychiatry. I would never have imagined this.
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Researchers partially revive pig brains four hours after 'death'
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Spryng is tech-laced compression wear for speeding up workout recover
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You Can Inherit Mitochondrial DNA From Your Father After All
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ESMO ’18: Precision Meds, Breast, Lung, and More from the Cancer Front
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We've been looking forward to speaking at the @StanfordMed #BigData in Precision Medicine conference for months, and the day is finally here! Make sure to tune into our #Facebook page for a LIVE cast of @kkuzmesk talk on #blockchain and #healthcare later today! https://t.co/306EzjIWdR
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Today, modern medical imaging allows for “digital unwrapping” of mummies without damaging the contents within. (via Atlas Obscura)
@extremetech.com 3 years ago
Single-Use Microfluidics Could Boost Men’s Health Diagnostics
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RT @rachelking: This changes everything: We've Been Treating Appendicitis Wrong For Years via @FortuneMagazine #FortuneHealth https://t.co/3DFvTckwuC
@WIRED 5 years ago
Lots of medical devices aren't as secure as they should be:
@EdwardTufte 5 years ago
"We've spent billions to fix our medical records, they're still an Epic mess. Here's why." http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/10/epic-systems-judith-faulkner-hitech-ehr-interoperability #EHR #EMR #bigdata
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Potbox is the luxury weed delivery service you've been craving
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Senators will introduce a federal medical marijuana bill tomorrow
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Bob Marley will be the face of the first global weed brand
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How Stanford is using health data to predict heart failure, so doctors can help before it happens