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This Data Science Course can help you use this new tech to improve prognostication in neurosurgery. No previous experience required! Join us for this virtual course on June 11 and learn more here: http://cns.org/ai-course #datascience #neurosurgery #technology #medicine https://t.co/5lcEi3SbQg
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Go read this report about the virtual doctors at an NFT clinic who can’t legally give medical advice
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Google seeks FDA approval for Fitbit's passive heart rate monitoring tech
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Real health benefits will come when medicine and the Metaverse collide
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Amazon Care now available across America, in-person medical services in select cities
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Doctolib is now used by 300,000 doctors and medical workers
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#WIREDHQ Virtual is back! Join us on Jan. 5 at 11:30 am PT for an engaging conversation with Lisa Earnhardt from @AbbottNews on the next generation of medical devices. Learn more and sign up here: https://wired.trib.al/AcomDre #WIREDPartner #ad https://t.co/DyW44Mghcm
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For those registered for #CLPA2021: Join us today for our very own @medici_land_gov CEO @draliel’s virtual masterclass at 2:45PM EAT: “Land Tenure Security as the Foundation for Data Collection and SDG Impact Measurement” #SDGs #LandRights #DataScience https://t.co/2hK1Dca2TB
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Babyscripts secures $12M to roll out its virtual maternity care model
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#TMLE workshop https://ehsanx.github.io/TMLEworkshop/ in R/Medicine Virtual Conference #rmedicine21 #epitwitter #causaltwitter #machinelearning #SuperLearner #rstats #statstwitter #DataScience https://t.co/sPfe1atlmP
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Interested in how #MachineLearning can help with medicaldiagnosis? Join us at our next meetup to find out. The joy of virtual is we've become very international - wherever you are & whatever your skills level with python, you are most welcome to join #PyData #Edinburgh #Python https://twitter.com/PyDataEdinburgh/status/1419553894737272838
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Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Medicine: Analysis of the Scientific Literature #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #INPST #scicomm #100DaysOfCode #systematicreview #globalhealth #MachineLearning #WomenInSTEM #MedEd #OpenScience #PhDVoice https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349210074_Virtual_and_Augmented_Reality_Applications_in_Medicine_Analysis_of_the_Scientific_Literature
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Why your next knee surgery may be assisted by smart glasses
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A new method called tensor holography could enable the creation of holograms for virtual reality, 3D printing, medical imaging, and more — and it can run on a smartphone. #DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence https://hubs.ly/H0JtGj90
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Time to see Dr. Amazon? Amazon Care expands, eyes US rollout
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Prof. K Srinath Reddy @thePHFI , will share how #publichealth & clinical medicine can benefit from AI. Get all the details at the @intelindia #allAI Virtual Summit, from Oct. 12 to 16. http://bit.ly/3cmhOQR #populationscaleAI #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning https://t.co/IRcNtcUePQ
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How #future of #healthcare getting more virtual ▶️ #Analytics #HealthTech #CDC #AI #IoMT #telehealth #Medicare #IoT #IIoT #AR #Java #TensorFlow #5G #Rstats #reactjs #DataScience #BigData #CloudComputing #Coding #WomenWhoCode #programming #100DaysOfCode https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-07-30/navigating-the-virtual-future-of-health-care
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HP launches new Z workstations, ZCentral virtual desktop system
@cnet.com 1 year ago
5G couldn't have come to health care at a better time - CNET
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Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
@thefastmode.com 2 years ago
Leveraging Technology to Mitigate and Manage Through This Pandemic
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Join @BoozAllen and medical leaders in Virtual Forum to discuss the role that #Artificialintelligence #AI plays in the global public health community response to #COVID19 and in plans for possible future #pandemics: https://dy.si/3JYnR #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning https://t.co/MazdZVxvV6
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Jamf releases Virtual Visits workflow in Jamf Pro to simplify and secure telehealth appointments
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Google starts showing virtual doctor options in Search and Maps
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Google will display virtual healthcare options in Search and Maps
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Google’s Android braille keyboard released for free
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Complete Anatomy App Will Use LiDAR in iPad Pro to Measure Range of Motion After Injury
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Amazon launches on-demand virtual healthcare service for Seattle-area employees
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Singapore condominium to get telehealth kiosk
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Study finds virtual assistants give ‘disappointing’ responses to health questions
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Predictions 2020: Medicare, price transparency, and virtual care take center stage in healthcare
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Amazon creates AI-powered virtual medical scribe to generate patient records
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FundamentalVR raises $5.6 million for virtual reality medical training
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The (Amazon) Doctor Is In: Amazon Launches Amazon Care For Employees
@theverge.com 2 years ago
Amazon is now offering virtual health care to its employees
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#BigData #DataScience #AI in #Healthcare — see these: Deep Medicine: https://amzn.to/2DCbapl #DataScience for Healthcare: https://amzn.to/30a4qYz Virtual & Augmented Reality in Mental Health Treatment: http://amzn.to/2M7OFzk Analytics in Healthcare: https://twitter.com/kirkdborne/status/1161440549687005184?s=21 https://t.co/a5Jj5zBHUo
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FDA to trial innovative computer-assisted heart surgeries this fall
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Virtual reality shows new promise for some kinds of surgical training
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Using augmented reality, Altoida is identifying the likely onset of neurodegenerative diseases
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Level Ex levels up management for virtual surgery games
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2018 VR Awards: Star Wars, Vive Pro earn top honors
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UNC Health Care offers free virtual appointments to hurricane victims
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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles leads vast expansion of medical VR training for doctors
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One Medical may be in talks to raise more than $200 million
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Virtual Physical Therapy Firms Reflexion and MindMaze Probe Markets
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This virtual cadaver could help solve the medical shortage of dead bodies
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Biohacker who inserted travel card chip into his body gets fined for not having ticket
@mashable.com 4 years ago
This device turns your skin into a virtual screen that can display your medical information