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New to computer vision and medical imaging? Start with these 10 projects
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London-based HealthHero enters French market through acquisition of Qare.
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Researchers develop health tech tool that can detect vital signs from a person’s face via video
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In case you couldn't tune in, here's the video of Dr. Leo Celi's lecture from the @MITCriticalData on how clinicians and researchers can make sure that #AI and #machinelearning in #healthcare work for everybody. • https://tcairem.utoronto.ca/past-events #medicine #technology #data https://t.co/hRbkFqK82N
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Health benefits platform Accolade will pay $460M to acquire telemedicine startup 2nd.MD
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Here’s how neuroscience can protect AI from cyberattacks
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This very short video, by @hes_so, introduces you to Use Case 1 of PROCESS Project ▶️ How #HPC-powered #MachineLearning in Medical Imaging is improving #cancer detection. #Exascale #Supercomputing #BigData @mormontre @MedGIFT_group https://www.process-project.eu/use-case-in-a-nutshell/
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HP launches new Z workstations, ZCentral virtual desktop system
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Powerful video – it is incredible to see how #MachineLearning is helping medical staff’s efforts to save lives. https://twitter.com/Google/status/1291786689460002819
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Day 36: Started on project 3/5 in #DataScience with #freeCodeCamp 'Medical Data Visualizer' using #matplotlib this time. Watched some more on #PyTorch video for #ArtificialIntelligence Drew another landscape with #inkscape #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #python #svg https://t.co/X3TFuwreDS
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This video game can now be prescribed as medicine in the US
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DeepMind’s New AI Helps Detecting Breast Cancer ▶️Full video (ours): https://youtu.be/8GVHuGCH2eM Source paper: https://deepmind.com/research/publications/International-evaluation-of-an-artificial-intelligence-system-to-identify-breast-cancer-in-screening-mammography #ai #deeplearning #science #twominutepapers #neuralnetworks #machinelearning #medicine #deepmind https://t.co/JOgEIAOWm2
Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video
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This hospital is using Microsoft video chat to protect doctors fighting coronavirus - CNET
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This hospital protects doctors fighting coronavirus by using Microsoft Teams video chat - CNET
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Microsoft's video chat is helping this hospital protect doctors fighting coronavirus - CNET
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Microsoft's video chat technology is changing how this hospital fights coronavirus - CNET
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Google will display virtual healthcare options in Search and Maps
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Facebook will provide free Portal devices to UK hospitals and care homes
Capita inks deal with NHS to 'bring back staff': Workers get an hour of training to recruit and vet retired doctors, nurses
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Apple is making million face shields per week to help health workers
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Tim Cook: Apple shipping custom face shields to medical workers as mask donations cross 20M
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Google releases moving ‘Thank You Healthcare Workers’ ad [Video]
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Tim Cook says Apple has sourced and donated 10M masks to US medical workers
This awesome drone station could be coming to a hospital near you
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Coronavirus funding bill includes a new push for remote healthcare
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Could these glasses prevent strokes with the use of machine learning? #innovation #artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #ml #technology #tech #research #medicine #healthcare #emergency #davidpraisekalu #deeplearning #datascientists #computervision Video credit:@QuickTake https://t.co/86RNP0nnlT
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Video blog: Historians discuss Assassin's Creed II
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'Desert Bus' video game charity has raised nearly $80,000
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Amazon Care is a new app-based health service for its employees
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Explainable #AI for Science and Medicine [Video w/ Scott Lundberg] Understanding why a #machinelearning model makes a certain prediction is crucial https://buff.ly/2Lyufyc @MSFTResearch #AI #DeepLearning #AIEthics #HealthTech Cc @AkwyZ @AlaricAloor @Info_Data_Mgmt @AghiathChbib https://t.co/B30kH7SlYK
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Researchers find way to measure blood pressure with a selfie video
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Explainable #AI for Science and Medicine [Video with Scott Lundberg] Understanding why a #machinelearning model makes a certain prediction is crucial https://buff.ly/2Lyufyc v/ @MSFTResearch #AI #DeepLearning #AIEthics #HealthTech Cc @DeepLearn007 @MiaD @SpirosMargaris @psb_dc
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New Funds for Procyrion, Remedy, OncoNano, Vyopta & More TX Tech
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Facebook's Zuckerberg is the focus of latest doctored video
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#AI and #machinelearning Trends for 2018: What to Expect We’ve already seen more than we expected to in the world of AI with VR in video games, IoTin medicine, and smart citie .. http://7wd.at/7c5e1f https://t.co/m59T2oAWEe
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'Artificial Intelligence Explained': health care and medicine to the agriculture industry, everything you need to know about our robot overlords. 🤖 https://cbsn.ws/2uR8NtP #AI #IoT #IIoT #4IR #Robots #MachineLearning #agtech #AIethics by @DanPatterson (video w/ @reenaninan)
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Google won’t take down Montreal YouTuber’s anti-vaccination video
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T-Cell “training” video could help fight Type 1 diabetes
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Playing ‘Pokémon’ as a kid may have rewired your brain
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Video game effort could help regulate future drone traffic
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Read the review article, "Machine Learning in Medicine," and watch the full video describing the core structural changes and paradigm shifts in the #healthcare system that are necessary to enable the full promise of #machinelearning in medicine. https://nej.md/2K8xwEL https://t.co/9Rt6lUIPHF
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Intel buys FPGA provider Omnitek
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Level Ex levels up management for virtual surgery games
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In this video, senior editor James Hamblin talks with Barack Obama about 'The Big-Data Quest to Treat Every Disease'– and with Vallabh and Minikel, who are racing against the clock in search of a cure. Watch here > https://bit.ly/2QGNB6G #BigData #MedicalData #ModernHealthcare https://t.co/MJYNwM0hnI
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RDMD attacks rare diseases with data mined from health records
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This incredible fan video asks users to join the Fortnite Medic Corps in their next team game
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Overstock.com Subsidiary tZero Releases Demo Version of New Security Token Trading Software