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UK ambulance services are testing a rescue jet suit
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It’s Time for Dr. Phil to Take a Dose of His Own Medicine
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Researchers found an novel way to treat snakebite victims
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The Misinformation About Coronavirus Coming From the White House Must Cease
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China Tracks Victims of Coronavirus with WeChat and Alipay
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Tons of coronavirus victims caught the virus in the hospital
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Russian doctor has trace of radiation after explosion
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UNC Health Care offers free virtual appointments to hurricane victims
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Synthetic blood will keep trauma victims alive for up to 48 hours
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Using AI to Help #Stroke Victims When 'Time Is Brain'. The world’s most-watched medical regulator is opening the door to #AI algorithms in #healthcare. In approving Viz’s #algorithms https://www.wired.com/story/using-ai-to-help-stroke-victims-when-time-is-brain/?mbid=social_twitter_onsiteshare via @WIRED #ML #IoT #Robots #DL #DataScience #Health #Tech
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Handheld skin printer could help heal burn victims
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GoFundMe raises nearly $1M for the victims of Charlottesville
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This revolutionary device could save gunshot victims from bleeding out
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This stem cell gun helps burn victims regrow their skin in just a few days
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WikiLeaks exposed sensitive data on hundreds of innocent people, including rape victims
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Plug bullet wounds in 20 seconds with this FDA-approved syringe
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Ambulance drone can help heart attack victims in under 2 minutes