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Amazon is using thermal cameras to screen warehouse workers for COVID-19
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The guy at CES who just wants to talk premature ejaculation
@AlexandreLoupy 1 year ago
We have created medical #cyborgs @ParisTxGroup. Clinicians with strong medical background + PhD in #biostatistics + robust knowledge in methodology & #MachineLearning. Outside the usual boundaries, we now have to coin a term to qualify them: Digital clinical scientists ? https://t.co/DpshHSFcWD
@mblum_g 1 year ago
Not a usual week-end for me. I will take a leave of absence from academia and @CNRS, and I am thrilled to join the startup @OWKINscience working on #MachineLearning for medical research. https://t.co/x8HDmX4IJa
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IBM hopes AI can speed up glaucoma treatment
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Google helps scientists search for public data
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IT pros are gearing up for AI to transform health care
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Amazon is now offering Prime discounts for people with Medicaid
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Amazon launches a low-cost version of Prime for Medicaid recipients
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How Amazon Could Succeed in Overturning the Old Healthcare Model
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The Flatliners team could have saved their remake — and chose not to
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Echo app aims to take the hassle out of ordering repeat prescriptions
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With EmoWatch your Apple Watch knows if you are :) or :(