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Withings adds medical-grade Sleep Diary to its tracking mat for more accurate and useful data
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Scientists might create exercise in a pill with this newly discovered particle
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AI tool offers cure for scattered medical data
@techcrunch.com 6 months ago
These tiny robots inspired by starfish larva move courtesy of ultrasound
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New weight loss device literally puts a metal lock on your teeth
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Biosensors created using biocompatible ink could be useful during surgery
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Apple Watch and Fitbit users with heart conditions are more likely to get medical procedures
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Researchers devise a way for smart speakers to monitor heart rhythm
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In a Pandemic, Medical Illustrators Made Science Accessible
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A drug for diarrhea can kill aggressive cancer cells
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FedEx Will Track Your Packages More Precisely Than Ever
@MRAguy 1 year ago
Excellent and highly relevant work by Julia Noothout on fully automatic landmark localization in medical images - this will be very useful clinically. You can find the paper here: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2007.05295.pdf #DeepLearning #MachineLearning @ivanaisgum @BobdeVos @jelmerwolterink https://t.co/RgR2uJxfqM
@GWhalleyPhD 2 years ago
This is a massive and potentially useful database that @sarahdonaldnz is using for her #PhD research evaluating the potential for prescription medicine harm in pregnancy #bigdata #HSDTweCon https://twitter.com/sarahdonaldnz/status/1262214341014818816
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Apple Watch and iPhone can automatically send vital Medical ID info to first responders in iOS 13.5
@SwissCognitive 2 years ago
A new study from our group in Oslo shows that advanced #MachineLearning methods for analysing videos of semen samples may be a useful tool in the investigation of #MaleInfertility. #MedicalAI #HealthCare http://ow.ly/Ld9Q30pV9on
@techdirt.com 2 years ago
Cops Now Using Warrants To Gain Access To DNA Services' Entire Databases
@SwissCognitive 2 years ago
“#MachineLearning is particularly good at identifying patterns, which is deeply relevant to assessing patient risk. Risk scores are useful for communicating patient state, which is valuable in making efficient care decisions.” http://ow.ly/bAfz30px9lg #Healthcare #Medicine #AI
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Tiny UK startup takes on Google’s Wing in the race to a drone traffic control system
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Download the new XRDC Healthcare Report and see how AR/VR is changing medicine!
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Doctors used a drone to deliver a vital kidney transplant in historic flight
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IBM Halts Sales of Watson AI For Drug Discovery and Research
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CB Therapeutics’ lab-grown cannabinoids could unlock new medicines and make others affordable
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Verana Health Lands $30M Financing Led By GV, Adds Miki Kapoor as CEO
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Tobii Pro VR Analytics turns your eye movements into design and training data
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This 3D-printed ‘living ink’ could someday help with skin replacements
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'Football Manager Touch 2018' Brings New Graphics Engine, Medical Center, and Other Useful Additions
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Time to say ‘I told you so’: cannabis can treat seizures
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Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers — and their health data — for a massive medical study
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#BigData #ClickstreamData Is it useful? What does it tell us? What could it tell us? See @BMJ_CE blog by @JRBtrip http://bmj.co/2d3yrD5
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Tell your dentist to suck it: there’s little evidence flossing works
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How the most connected hospitals will use chatbots
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#machinelearning #AI useful tools for #medicine #DGF16 https://twitter.com/cpi_foundation/status/731171140949975040
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Don't let your smartphone be lazy: Make it help cure cancer as you sleep
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RT @Robert_Graboyes: MY NEW ARTICLE/ We paralyzed health care markets before medicine became useful. Technology is reviving those markets. http://mercatus.org/expert_commentary/why-us-health-care-so-expensive
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Would the medical research benefits of reclassifying LSD outweigh the risks?
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Medical marijuana might not help ease symptoms of dementia
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DHL’s ‘drug drones’ might be useful in U.S. heathcare
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StartX And QB3 Open A Biotech Lab In Palo Alto
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Remedy Bets That Google Glass Will Find Its Sweet Spot In The Medical Industry