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Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
@tech.eu 8 days ago
Berlin-based Heal Capital invests in medtech Moray Medical
@wired.com 20 days ago
The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors
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Antibacterial gel bandage created from durian husk
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High blood pressure drug recalled because labels were mixed up
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Researchers use human stem cells to simulate human blastocysts
@slashgear.com 1 month ago
Spironolactone recalled after mix-up puts wrong doses in dozens of bottles
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Researchers develop a rapid 3D printing technique that could be used for organs
@cointelegraph.com 1 month ago
HODLer claims to have used crypto profits for father's cancer treatment
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Researchers developed an AI that scours existing drugs for new Alzheimer’s treatments
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We’ve heard how #machinelearning is being used for everything from medical diagnostics to self-driving cars. But how does it work and where does it come from? And, more importantly, where is it going to take us next? @jmdagdelen #BerkeleyLab90 #AI #podcast https://www.buzzsprout.com/1434640/6662372
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iPhone 12 risks to pacemakers emphasized by doctors’ report
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FDA authorizes a unique daytime gadget to treat snoring and sleep apnea
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3D printers may become standard equipment for operating rooms
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Study Shows How #AI can be Used for #DrugRepurposing #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithm #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DL #Medicine #medications #Data #Tech #Technology @webmasterdave @2peterharris @gsabate @AliceParkNY @drmonalidesai @protoninfo http://ow.ly/dm9Z30rrraY https://t.co/pejDiCM9HN
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Researchers invent microfiber tech for delivering and activating drugs in the brain
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A drug for diarrhea can kill aggressive cancer cells
@theregister.com 4 months ago
DeepMind's latest protein-solving AI AlphaFold pretty much cracks biology's 50-year conundrum
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Nanodiamonds could help improve diagnostic tests to detect disease
@cnet.com 4 months ago
Apple Watch Series 6: SpO2 tracking is still in its early stages - CNET
@slashgear.com 5 months ago
Researchers claim to have reversed the aging process using an oxygen chamber
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Doctors may have found another common household drug that helps treat COVID-19
@bgr.com 5 months ago
FDA warns that this at-home coronavirus therapy that could do more harm than good
@venturebeat.com 5 months ago
Researchers find flaws in algorithm used to identify atypical medication orders
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FDA approves Inmazeb, the first Ebola treatment for children and adults
@tech.eu 6 months ago
Italian medtech company MMI secures €15 million in financing for robotic microsurgery system
@cnet.com 6 months ago
Apple Watch Series 6: SpO2 tracking is still in its early stages - CNET
@cnet.com 6 months ago
Apple Watch Series 6: SpO2 tracking is cool, but it won't test for COVID-19 - CNET
@slashgear.com 6 months ago
Popular diabetes drug recalled months after FDA issued cancer risk warning
@cnet.com 6 months ago
Apple Watch Series 6 review: Decoding SpO2 and all its new features - CNET
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Algorithms used in medicine are trained on data from only a few states
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Another study finds metformin lowers dementia risk, but there’s a catch
@slashgear.com 7 months ago
Popular drugs used for many common issues linked to cognitive decline
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#Venom from #honeybees could be used to treat forms of #breastcancer https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8686047/Venom-honeybees-used-treat-aggressive-forms-breast-cancer.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top @MailOnline #bigdata #USA #london #FemTech #womenWhoCode #UK #AI #IoT #dataScientist #dataScience #Linux #FRENCHtech #100daysofCode #RStats #Javascript #France #Science #medicine
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Microscopic robots may soon invade your body whether you like it or not
@slashgear.com 7 months ago
Drug made for cats may be a surprise weapon against COVID-19 in humans
@tech.eu 8 months ago
Swiss medtech startup Bloom Diagnostics launches new testing system after €10 million Series B
@slashgear.com 8 months ago
This phone test may tell you you’re drunk
@slashgear.com 8 months ago
Russia’s claim of world’s first coronavirus vaccine raises alarms
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Our open source #MachineLearning platform can be used to help medical staff prescribe the right antibiotics for bacterial infections. Learn how Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is #PoweredByTensorFlow. More here → https://goo.gle/3eCVO3z https://t.co/gSLRPiW6hZ
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Garbage in, garbage out: Data science, meet evidence-based medicine
@thenextweb.com 9 months ago
What’s different about the 2020 Census?
@geekwire.com 9 months ago
Portland startup vets lead Reperio Health, aim to deliver DIY medical tests to your doorstep
@techdirt.com 9 months ago
When Piracy Literally Saves Lives
@Getting_Smart 9 months ago
This recent post explores what we can learn from studying how #AI is used to create content in areas such as books, business and legal, medicine, song writing and visual arts. #EdLeaders #Teachers #Students #MachineLearning https://bit.ly/3gbmHwK
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French startup inHEART raises €3.7 million to improve cardiac treatments with medical imaging and AI
@cnet.com 10 months ago
See how researchers 3D-print a soft medical sensor on an expanding lung - CNET
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Another batch of metformin recalled over cancer-causing impurity