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NXP unveils its latest processor, the i.MX 91, during Computex
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Swiss researchers use a wireless BCI to help a spinal injury patient walk more naturally
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Everyone should use Personal Voice; it does in 15 minutes what currently takes several weeks
@DaphneKoller 15 days ago
It was such an honor to have the privilege of interviewing @SueDHellmann as the opening plenary at our invivo week at @insitro. She inspired all of us in our journey to use #MachineLearning towards bringing better medicines, faster to patients who can benefit the most. https://twitter.com/insitro/status/1658249588300566530
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R/Medicine Virtual Conference 2023 is June 5, 2023 – June 9, 2023 To promote the development and use of #R based tools to improve clinical research and practice. https://cvent.me/0XvrkZ?sms=7&cn=Us3RrOHARvG_82TycdaI1w #rstats #datascience #rmedicine #DataAnalytics
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Are you looking to build AI or machine learning into a medical device? What strategies and safeguards can you use? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more from the experts at #BlackBerryQNX. https://bit.ly/41ypAj7 #MedicalDevices #MachineLearning #AI https://t.co/5jEzBkLuH8
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#DigitalHealth #MachineLearning #HealthTech The Power of #AI for Medical Imaging: 5 Key Applications & Use Cases https://dlabs.ai/blog/the-power-of-ai-for-medical-imaging-5-key-applications-use-cases/ @DLabsAI Cc @IrmaRaste @SpirosMargaris @jblefevre60 @MarshaCollier @AkwyZ @EvanKirstel @ahier https://t.co/3P06tsKvMz
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FDA Approves Narcan Nasal Spray for Over-the-Counter Use - CNET
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#DigitalHealth #MachineLearning #HealthTech The Power of #AI for Medical Imaging: 5 Key Applications & Use Cases https://dlabs.ai/blog/the-power-of-ai-for-medical-imaging-5-key-applications-use-cases/ @DLabsAI Cc @IrmaRaste @SpirosMargaris @jblefevre60 @MarshaCollier @AkwyZ @EvanKirstel @ahier https://t.co/Puv6CGpEeG
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NVIDIA and Medtronic are building an AI-enhanced endoscopy tool
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Medication Abortion Remains a Battleground, This Time Over FDA Authority - CNET
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Researchers are using sound-waves and holograms to instantly mold tiny 3D shapes
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Join us today at 8 pm ET for this month #RadAIchat discussing opportunities and challenges associated with the use of synthetic data in medical imaging. #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @RSNA @Radiology_AI https://twitter.com/radiology_ai/status/1630977288408793094
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Very happy that my paper "Liquid Health. Medicine in the age of #surveillancecapitalism" was accepted by Social Science & Medicine. I use Bauman's concept of liquefaction to outline the impact of #AI and #BigData on concepts of health, identities, and relationships in medicine
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Cancer Patients And Firefighters To Use Apple Watches In Beneficial Heart Health Research
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How does AI "see" the disease? What are the requirements of advanced #MachineLearning use cases in #healthcare sector? https://buff.ly/3HNAOcG Here's how we used #DeepLearning in development of better solutions to aid detecting cancer cells in medical images. https://t.co/WonSG1W5Z0
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Another application of big data in healthcare is the use of personalized medicine. #gainwithstewartilondanga #AR #AI #MR #XR #NFT #Web3 #SaaS #AIoT #MLOps #Space #DevOps #fintech #Metaverse #VirtualReality #SlackFrontiers #CyberSecurity #MachineLearning #PodcastAndChill #PS5 #HBO
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#FALCON 2.0 maps the surface forms within a short text T into entities and relations in @dbpedia and @WikiResearch ➡️Visit our #demo: http://ow.ly/CBrW50MGARo ➡️Use our Web APIs: http://ow.ly/yxlJ50MGARp #BigData #MEDICINE #HEALTHCARE #WikiData https://t.co/fvKSpOo1dO
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The 5 best portable power stations of 2023
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Apple Watch Infringed Masimo's Pulse Oximetry Patent, US Judge Rules
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2023 #AI Trends in #HealthCare = AI adoption is on the rise, with top use cases being #DrugDiscovery and medical image analysis: https://www.iotworldtoday.com/2023/01/01/2023-ai-trends-in-health-care/ --- #MachineLearning #BigData #DataScience #DeepLearning #ComputerVision #HealthTech #IoT #IIoT #Industry40 #EmergingTech https://t.co/tVaAbxjZ2s
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Pharmacies Limit Sales of Children's Medicine Amid Soaring Rates of Illness - CNET
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Efficient use of #Ai in medic sector #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #health #robotics #3dart #enginneering #Data #IoT #technology @rrrishkeysmiley @pbucquet @LenekarMrunal07 @Curious_RK @dikshatomarr @akm_ipl @karnika_rai @mvollmer1 @dingdiingding @SupplyChain2030 https://t.co/UeOD9tMbOj
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AI Helps Biotech Labs Generate the Building Blocks for New Drugs
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Google partners with med tech company to develop AI breast cancer screening tools
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This common pain relief drug causes people to take more risks, study says
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Apple Sues Masimo, Says Medical Device Company Copied Apple Watch - CNET
@cnet.com 7 months ago
Apple Sues Medical Device Company Masimo, Says It Copied Apple Watch - CNET
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Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans
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How to add your medications to your iPhone and get reminded to take them on time
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India is repurposing its COVID-19 contact tracing app and vaccination website
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Apple Watch heart attack detection shown to work – but many barriers to real-life use
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Sloppy Use of Machine Learning is Causing a ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ in Science
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Track medications on iPhone: How the new iOS 16 feature works
@H2020MyPal 10 months ago
An interesting study recently published in @PalliativeMedJ looks at the use of #MachineLearning models to detect social distress, spiritual pain as well as severe symptoms in end-of-life #cancer patients using data from medical records. Read more here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/02692163221105595
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Track medications on iPhone: How the new iOS 16 feature works
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Regard serves as a “medical co-pilot” for busy physicians
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Register now for the next #futureofcare event on #BigData and #AI with @David_Scheinker exploring their use in clinical medicine and biomedical research. 12 July 6:00-7:30pm Register here http://weahsn.net/event/big-data-and-ai/ @SURFStanfordMed @UniofBath https://t.co/9DI9Kt8lt2
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Terrifying video shows autonomous robot tank blowing up cars remotely
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Top 5 Use Cases for #ArtificialIntelligence in Medical Imaging by Jennifer Bresnick @HITAnalytics Read more: https://buff.ly/2zeBdjf #AI #BigData #MachineLearning #ML #MI #DataScience #HealthTech #Healthcare cc: @ronald_vanloon @yvesmulkers @kuriharan https://t.co/We9haBAJPO
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Researchers urged to use Artificial Intelligence to find solutions of problems in medical field - Telangana Today Read more here: https://ift.tt/7hcqXP3 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #Python #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #NLP #Robots #IoT
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Precision healthcare AI tools eyed by investors
@invest_asturias 1 year ago
#Biomedical | Tech multinational @IZERTIS and @FINBAsturias to generate medical-health research and innovation projects applied to biomedical technology. The use of specialities such as #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning or bioprinting will be key https://my.mtr.cool/pydstfgptm
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Scientists grew living cells on a robot skeleton in this eerie experiment
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Scientists grow cells on a robot skeleton (but don’t know what to do with them yet)
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iPhone SOS and Medical ID: How to customize and use safety features
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Getting great feedback for our #bigdata analyses on use of #cpap for #sleepapnea. a dose response effect suggesting benefit to even minimal cpap use, challenging current medicare criteria #ucsd #ats2022 https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2022/05/18/2446401/0/en/Even-2-Hours-of-PAP-Therapy-per-Night-Benefits-Sleep-Apnea-Sufferers-ResMed-Study.html
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This Data Science Course can help you use this new tech to improve prognostication in neurosurgery. No previous experience required! Join us for this virtual course on June 11 and learn more here: http://cns.org/ai-course #datascience #neurosurgery #technology #medicine https://t.co/5lcEi3SbQg