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Engineers create a tiny wireless implant that measures tissue oxygen levels
@slashgear.com 7 days ago
Researchers create special light waves that penetrate opaque materials
@slashgear.com 8 days ago
First human use of a wireless high-bandwidth brain-computer interface completed
@geekwire.com 14 days ago
Researchers develop health tech tool that can detect vital signs from a person’s face via video
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Researchers show animal DNA can be collected from the air
@geekwire.com 1 month ago
UW scientists turn Amazon’s Alexa into heart monitoring device using sound waves
@slashgear.com 1 month ago
Research suggests new COVID-19 variants can evade antibodies for the original form
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A new microfluidic sensor measures lactate concentration during exercise
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Researchers were able to have a real-time dialogue with sleeping people
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Study finds too much coffee can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
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This injectable gels contain slowly dissolve medicines
@engadget.com 2 months ago
Hitting the Books: The continuing controversies surrounding e-cig safety
@geekwire.com 2 months ago
More transmissible COVID-19 variant confirmed in Washington state as vaccinations ramp up
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New treatment helps some with spinal cord injury regain functionality
@bgr.com 3 months ago
This groundbreaking coronavirus treatment might save even more lives
@slashgear.com 3 months ago
Researchers invent microfiber tech for delivering and activating drugs in the brain
@slashgear.com 4 months ago
AI-powered microscope brings a new tool to the fight against cancer
@SynBioBeta 4 months ago
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have combined #syntheticbiology with a #machinelearning algorithm to create human liver organoids with blood- and bile-handling systems. https://bit.ly/36SDl2h #synbio
@thenextweb.com 4 months ago
Study: Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses
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Soccer player head injuries could be reduced by adjusting the ball
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Pandemic isolation may fuel high blood pressure, study warns
@slashgear.com 5 months ago
Vaping linked to massive lung disease risk in healthy non-smokers
@slashgear.com 5 months ago
Study finds 20 percent of COVID-19 patients receive a psychiatric diagnosis
@businessweekly 5 months ago
AstraZeneca and GSK back new Cambridge centre for #AI in medicine https://bit.ly/3ljUXZI The University of Cambridge has unveiled a five-year agreement with @AstraZeneca and @GSK to fund the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine – @CC4AIM #machinelearning https://t.co/ZasK9DaFtW
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Fujitsu's Fugaku supercomputer helps Tokyo university speed up cancer research
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One of the most powerful coronavirus cures might come from this surprising source
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This common drug you already have at home might save your life from COVID-19
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Researchers say some humans are developing an extra artery in their arms
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COVID-19 discovery paves way for new class of non-opioid painkillers
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Cambridge researchers develop invisible fibers for health monitoring
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Ketamine found to rapidly trigger recovery from common eye disorder
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Confirmed COVID-19 reinfection case offers a sliver of hope
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Deutsche Telekom Supports Pilot Drone Project with Campus Network in Siegen
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Gym equipment is covered in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, study warns
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Next-gen vaccine from UW researchers shows promise in fighting COVID-19
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Telehealth got a huge boost from COVID-19. Now what?
@zdnet.com 9 months ago
LG expands service robot deployment to hospitals
@zdnet.com 9 months ago
University of California SF pays ransomware hackers $1.14 million to salvage research
@theregister.com 10 months ago
Feds cuff Detroit man for allegedly hacking University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
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Study finds face masks ‘critical’ for individual COVID-19 protection
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Breast cancer ‘switch’ found to turn off aggressive growth and spread
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
Researchers create the first 3D map of heart neurons
@mobilesyrup.com 11 months ago
Intel, Penn Medicine to co-develop AI tool for identifying brain tumours
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Smart Band-Aid tracks your coronavirus symptoms
@engadget.com 11 months ago
Stanford University lab repurposes scuba gear into reusable PPE
@slashgear.com 12 months ago
Scientists think they may have found the “off switch” for cancer cells
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
UW Medicine calls a halt to use of donated coronavirus test kits amid quality concerns
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
UW Medicine begins coronavirus testing for all patients admitted to its hospitals