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FDA authorizes a unique daytime gadget to treat snoring and sleep apnea
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A view from the front lines: COVID-19’s lasting impact on the technology and science of healthcare
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Biomedical parts created using new cold spray 3D printing process
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Instagram founders reunite to create a COVID-19 spread tracker
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This brilliant iPhone trick might help you fight the coronavirus infection
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HIV patient appears to be totally cured after stem cell treatment
This awesome drone station could be coming to a hospital near you
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Interested in chairing a unique medical school department that combines #biostatistics, #epidemiology, & #informatics? You are in luck! The @pennmedicine will launch a national search for the next chair of @UPennDBEI in February. Stay tuned! #datascience #bioinformatics #penn
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Don't forget about embedded devices in your Windows 7 migration plans
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Twins are invaluable participants in medical genetic research. Now a unique database of those interested... https://dailynorthwestern.com/2019/05/06/campus/northwestern-university-of-illinois-launch-database-of-twins-for-research/ #IoT #BigData #SNRTG #twins #biology #SciComm #MedEd #genetics #genomics #RareDisease https://t.co/AtASOuQAQM
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Gut bacteria research paves way for probiotic depression treatment
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Scientists put human genes into monkeys
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Medical care scheduling startup Doctolib acquires MonDocteur
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The digital signals that a person or process produces can represent a type of unique "DNA" for that entity. Well, this type of DNA (from #IoT sensors on medical patients) will drive #PersonalizedMedicine to better outcomes: https://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/iot-agenda/iot-for-me-how-the-internet-of-things-is-personalizing-medicine/ #BigData #DatScience #Blockchain https://t.co/X9ANuptitC
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‘Citizen AI’: Teaching artificial intelligence to act responsibly
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#BigData allows #medicine to be tailored to an individual’s unique #genes.#ArtificialIntelligence #ai #machinelearning #IntelligentAutomation #health #technology #MachineLearning #hospital #healthcare https://t.co/Oj3Hz8JZO4
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TIESRx™ Announces Significant Platform Upgrade
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With $37 million in funding, health startup Virta aims to cure type 2 diabetes by watching what you eat
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How a chatbot could help people take their medication
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Apply to The Duke Of York’s next series of Pitch@Palace events
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IBM, Pfizer launch joint experiment to help measure Parkinson’s symptoms using IoT and analytics
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This cool business card will also tell you your pulse rate
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Supreme Court ruling suggests neuroscience could upend US legal system
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Who Will Step Up To Secure The Internet Of Things?
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Israel Could Grow Into A Global Cannabis Startup Superpower
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ZappRx Raises $5.6 Million In Series A Funding To Expand The Company
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SecondOpinionExpert Launches eHealth Record Mobile App
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Facebook Puts Donate Button For Ebola Charities Atop Feed, Gives Internet To Aid Workers In Africa