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Debunking the Myth of “Anonymous” Data
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⚕️ " ultimately showing a potential of this hackathon as a platform to connect the two communities of data science and medicine " #Hackathon #DataScience #Medicine #HospitalsTalkToLovedOnes https://twitter.com/rafael52987/status/1517656504542941186
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With #machinelearning we hope to accelerate the drug discovery cycle, design better molecules and ultimately get transformative medicines to patients faster. #reimaginingmedicine
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These tiny robots inspired by starfish larva move courtesy of ultrasound
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COVID-19 antibodies may fade faster in men than women
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Go read this ProPublica story about a scheme to relabel non-medical masks for emergency workers
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Data software company Zegami joins medical researchers to help find the cause of #MECFS & ultimately a cure https://www.epmmagazine.com/news/global-research-team-aims-to-find-cause-of-chronic-fatigue-s/ https://zegami.com/about-us/ #mecfs #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #research #læger #labnews #bigdata #machinelearning @getzegami #forskning @UniofOxford https://t.co/yse7gEVXfY
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Willow is back with an easier-to-use version of its smart breast pump
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Using tech and $100m, Dr Consulta transforms healthcare for the poorest
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Artificial intelligence is changing the face of plastic surgery