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I'll be sharing a bit of an introduction to #machinelearning/#deeplearning in #biology and #medicine on Tuesday. Free registration if you want to listen! Then, on Thursday @jaclyn_taroni discusses machine learning and #rarediseases. Register for both to get the full experience! https://twitter.com/LemonadeJay/status/1283882005902524418
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Amazon plans 20 healthcare clinics across U.S. for warehouse employees and their families
@slashgear.com 11 months ago
US human trial of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines underway at Pfizer
@abcnews.go.com 1 year ago
More wipes, no jeans: Amazon limits warehouse shipments
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
Amazon warehouses will stop accepting non-essential items amid COVID-19 outbreak
@xconomy.com 1 year ago
Pfizer Taps Insilico Medicine to Use AI for Drug Target Discovery
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
FDA reveals change that’ll help bring cheaper generic drugs to the US
@ccn.com 2 years ago
Dow Recoils as UnitedHealth Boss Bashes Medicare for All
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
HQ Trivia, Vine app co-founder Kroll died of drug overdose
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
Brown U criticized for using live pigs in medical training
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
NASA replaces astronaut on Boeing's 1st crew launch
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Shine Raises $30M, Could Add $150M More After Inking Deerfield Deal
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
Experts caution study on plastics in humans is premature
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
4 honored for genetic research and developing anesthetic
@coindesk.com 2 years ago
Mount Sinai Hospital to Explore Blockchain Applications
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
FDA Approves NorthStar Medical to Make Isotope Generator at WI Plant
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
Mother: Caring for girl amid brain-death debate 'worth it'
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
CVS Health Expands Delivery, as Pharmacies Try to Keep Amazon at Bay
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
Fictiv Raises $15M To Connect Tech Innovators & Parts Manufacturers
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MediChain held their first Meetup Event in #London on Tuesday. The panel included @drmarkrbaker, Samuel Dare and Pasan Muthumala speaking about #bigdata, #blockchain and it's application to #healthcare including the #NHS. Stay tuned for our future events! #MediChain https://t.co/rxhQGrYtos
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Newest Apple Watch amps up health features with heartbeat upgrade
@mashable.com 3 years ago
Drones with defibrillators could save lives before the ambulance arrives
@theverge.com 4 years ago
One man wants to turn every porn watcher in California into a condom vigilante
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Alexa now talks to General Electric appliances
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Ford partners with Jose Cuervo to make car parts out of agave plants
@mashable.com 4 years ago
A drone carrying abortion pills was flown into Northern Ireland in an act of solidarity
@mashable.com 4 years ago
The FAA's new rules for drones are bad news for Amazon
@venturebeat.com 5 years ago
CORRECTING and REPLACING Quanterix to Present at The 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
@theverge.com 5 years ago
American Medical Association wants to ban ads for prescription drugs
@mashable.com 5 years ago
Apple's Tim Cook: 'Why would you buy a PC?'
@theverge.com 5 years ago
Google's Calico partners with Ancestry.com to beat the specter of aging
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Health Insurer Premera Blue Breached, 11M Customers’ Information Exposed, Including Medical Records
@theverge.com 6 years ago
Jeb Bush redacts tens of thousands of social security numbers after earlier email dump
@thenextweb.com 6 years ago
This is how easy it can be to get people’s medical information and credit card number
@theverge.com 6 years ago
New highs: Marijuana now legal in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC
@theverge.com 6 years ago
New highs: Marijuana now legal in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
StartUp Health accelerator adds 13 new companies to its portfolio
@theverge.com 6 years ago
Doctor turns to 3D printers in a race to save a toddler's mind