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Incredible medicine that regrows teeth is about to enter human trials
@techcrunch.com 10 days ago
Triomics raises $15M Series A to automate cancer clinical trials matching
@thenextweb.com 20 days ago
French startup bags €2M to make cancer clinical trials more accessible
@venturebeat.com 2 months ago
Insilico Medicine unveils first AI-generated and AI-discovered drug in new paper
@thenextweb.com 3 months ago
Autonomous drone home delivery service launches in Norway
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Neuralink's Brain Chip Is Running in a Human. Your Skull Is Safe, for Now - CNET
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Neuralink's Brain Chip Is Now in a Human. Your Skull Is Safe, for Now - CNET
@tech.eu 3 months ago
Sano Genetics raises $11.4M to advance precision medicine clinical trials
@tech.eu 4 months ago
OASYS NOW is on a mission to connect patients with rare and debilitating health conditions to clinical trials
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This vibrating weight-loss pill actually worked in early animal trials
@techinasia.com 5 months ago
HempStreet secures $1m for cannabis-based treatments
@venturebeat.com 8 months ago
Elon Musk’s Neuralink begins accepting human patients for trials of its brain implant
@cnet.com 9 months ago
Clinical Trials Are Now at Your Local Drugstore. What That Means for You - CNET
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
Lindus Health, a U.K. clinical trials startup backed by Peter Thiel, raises $18M
@venturebeat.com 9 months ago
Insilico Medicine’s generative AI tool inClinico demonstrates high accuracy in predicting clinical trial outcomes
@engadget.com 12 months ago
Neuralink receives FDA clearance to begin human trials of its brain-computer interface
@tech.eu 1 year ago
France's Volta Medical raises €36 million series B to help surgeons treat cardiac arrhythmias and fund more clinical testing
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Withings' $500 toilet computer wants to be WebMD for your pee
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First CRISPR cure for high cholesterol enters human trial phase
@wired.com 2 years ago
The War Puts Ukraine's Clinical Trials—and Patients—in Jeopardy
@MarkCrypto23 2 years ago
Ethics in #NFTs medical trials — How does #Aimedis shift the medical trials field to a new ethical paradigm? @AimedisGlobal #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #bigdata #healthFi #DeFi https://aimedisglobal.medium.com/ethics-in-nfts-medical-trials-how-does-aimedis-shift-the-medical-trials-field-to-a-new-ethical-68c671a1c4da
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Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink aims for clinical trials
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
How Cerebral and Alto Neuroscience embarked on an at-home clinical trial for depression
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Oxford prepares human trial for combo cancer vaccine and immunotherapy
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Rani Therapeutics’ $73M IPO will fund upcoming clinical trials
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Strange looking magnetic helmet shrinks glioblastoma in human trials
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COVID-19 researchers utilize mathematical models and computer simulations
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Man’s blindness reversed after successful artificial cornea implant
@realColinMac 3 years ago
An autonomous vehicle called Kar-go is undergoing trials delivering medicine around London. Making delivery cheaper, more eco-friendly all while using #AI to find its route #MedTwitter #MachineLearning #automation #AutonomousVehicles #drones #healthcare https://t.co/WaEVv7k6Jh
@EvaSmartAI 3 years ago
An autonomous delivery robot Kar-go is undergoing trials delivering medicine to care homes in London @CurieuxExplorer #Robotics #womenintech #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Automation #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfMLCode #WomenWhoCode #VegaLMS via Reuters https://t.co/uBeWnBwQZ7
AI is wrestling with a replication crisis
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Here’s what you need to know about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
@xconomy.com 3 years ago
Codiak Bio’s IPO Brings In $82M as Exosome Clinical Trials Begin
@engadget.com 3 years ago
Ransomware attack on a healthcare firm slowed clinical trials
@slashgear.com 3 years ago
Drug made for cats may be a surprise weapon against COVID-19 in humans
@WiDS_Conference 3 years ago
Manisha Desai of @StanfordMed sits at the intersection of #medicine and #datascience. On the #WiDSPodcast she discusses the #COVID19 clinical trials and preventing disease progression: https://bit.ly/manisha-desai @AnitaB_org @GirlsWhoCode @DataWomen @WiMLworkshop @AmstatNews @WITI https://t.co/QeLplvX0nR
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Gilead CEO answers big COVID-19 question: How much will remdesivir cost
@nikos_trasan 3 years ago
#EHA25Virtual In cased you missed them, two great talks @young_eha session in Digital Medicine. How #AI has come to transform the clinical practice, accelerate drug development and drive novelty in clinical trials. #AI #machinelearning https://eha.conference2web.com/#!contentsessions/47524 @EHA_Hematology https://t.co/MpGM0YvS9F
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MDMA clinical trials report profound long-term impact on PTSD suffers
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
New Coronavirus Vaccine Advances to Phase 2 Human Trials
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
MindMed develops an ‘off switch’ to stop LSD trips during therapy
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Unlearn.ai raises $12 million to accelerate clinical trials with ‘digital twins’
@bgr.com 4 years ago
Crucial coronavirus antibody drug could be ready sooner than expected
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
FDA expands on 2 coronavirus treatment trials
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
New COVID-19 vaccine heads to clinical trial: Here’s the release timeline
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
China says it has approved a coronavirus vaccine for clinical trials
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
First coronavirus vaccine trial has a long road ahead
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AI-created medicine to be used in human trials for the first time