@techcrunch.com 12 months ago
Ember expands into cold chain medical shipping with new device, Cardinal Health partnership
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Smart mug maker Ember raises $23.5M, as it looks toward medical storage
@enricomolinari 2 years ago
Autonomous #drones transport medical products to the most difficult to access places TY @zipline via @enricomolinari #ehealth #medtech #AI #fintech #blockchain #marketing #IoT #IIoT #bigdata #medtech #mhealth #traveltech #robotics #CX #GovTech #selfdrivingcars #smartcities #5G https://t.co/ZjS89U1H54
@tech.eu 2 years ago
French medical mobility startup Ambler raises €6 million to digitalise healthcare transportation
@theverge.com 2 years ago
Nuro’s driverless delivery robots will transport medicine to CVS customers in Texas
@digitaltrends.com 2 years ago
Mayo Clinic is using autonomous shuttle buses to transport COVID-19 tests
@theregister.co.uk 2 years ago
India makes new push to lure global electronics manufacturers
@cnet.com 3 years ago
Las Vegas does 5G its own way, looking to win big as a smart city - CNET
@engadget.com 3 years ago
Alphabet’s Wing drones will soon deliver FedEx and Walgreens packages
@zdnet.com 3 years ago
Grab parks $2B for Indonesia expansion, plans 'affordable' e-healthcare
@cointelegraph.com 3 years ago
Blockchain Startup Solve.Care Partners with Uber to Transport Patients
@engadget.com 3 years ago
Lyft offers non-emergency rides to Medicaid patients in Arizona
@cnet.com 3 years ago
Ford's GoRide medical transport company is set to expand in a big way - Roadshow
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Island nation Vanuatu will use drones to transport vaccines
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Ford expands its GoRide medical transport service in Detroit
@DSMeu 4 years ago
We can save money and lives if we use more #supercomputers in medicine, transport or energy. But we need to have more powerful machines in Europe to process large amounts of data quickly & accurately. http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #HPC #BigData #EuroHPC #EUBudget https://t.co/1k3LXcFJzM
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Biohacker who inserted travel card chip into his body gets fined for not having ticket
@DSMeu 5 years ago
Did you know that #supercomputers are extremely helpful in medicine, transport or weather forecasting? That's why Europe needs to have a powerful computing infrastructure http://bit.ly/2A2JRjm #HPC #H2020 #BigData https://t.co/XZBWZv58zz
@theverge.com 5 years ago
Drones carrying blood could be the future of rural medicine
@mashable.com 6 years ago
Virtual reality aims to transport lonely patients out of the hospital bed
@mashable.com 6 years ago
The FAA's new rules for drones are bad news for Amazon
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services
@mashable.com 6 years ago
Autonomous medical drones will soon transport emergency organ donations
@theverge.com 8 years ago
DHL drone will make deliveries to German island starting Friday