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Is your doctor providing the right treatment? This healthcare AI tool can help
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Meta faces lawsuit for allegedly collecting patient health data without consent
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Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool
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Facebook is receiving sensitive medical information from hospital websites
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US lawsuit alleges tool used by hospitals shares patient data with Meta
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Hospital websites are sending medical information to Facebook
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Apple adds medication tracking feature to the Health app
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Smartwatch prices prove to be a problem for underrepresented groups in medical research, study finds
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Apple plans to add features to the iPhone health app this year
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First autonomous X-ray-analyzing AI is cleared in the EU
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New #machinelearning tool can discover immune receptors that react to many different antigens @NatMachIntell https://medicalxpress.com/news/2022-01-machine-tool-immune-receptors-react.html
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AI tool offers cure for scattered medical data
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How Intel is securing patient data through its pandemic response initiative
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MIT developed a new delivery tool for drugs that could eliminate injections
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Data Explorer is the new tool we created for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Easy chart creation and statistical tests for teachers and students help improve data literacy | https://bit.ly/3AtBugf, #dataviz, #datascience, @HHMINEWS https://t.co/IYLJqCFUiw
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New AI tool helps researchers predict the progress of Parkinson’s disease
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#MedTech | #ComputerVision in #Healthcare Creating an #ArtificialIntelligence - #AI Diagnostic Tool for #MedicalImaging Analysis #CognitiveComputing #MachineLearning - #ML #DeepLearning ️ https://www.altexsoft.com/blog/computer-vision-healthcare/ | @AltexSoft @HubBucket @HubMedX @HubDataOps https://t.co/o0IOefTBuS
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Google Health working on patient tool for viewing medical records
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Researchers develop health tech tool that can detect vital signs from a person’s face via video
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For all bioinformaticians out there, PlasmidHawk made tracking Lab-Made DNA Simplified. If you are into #Bioinformatics, do check out this #opensource tool here >> https://gitlab.com/treangenlab/plasmidhawk -- #Biology #DNA #Data #ML #AI #BigData #medicine #DataScience https://t.co/avyjEqwKDq
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EstimATTR, our new educational tool for healthcare providers, highlights clinical conditions commonly associated with wtATTR-CM by combining expert medical knowledge with research in #bigdata and #ArtificialIntelligence. #digitalhealth
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AI-powered microscope brings a new tool to the fight against cancer
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We have a tool that does just this (extracting data and assembling it) for several different problems in medicine. Would love to get journal suggestions for receptive outlets. #MedTwitter #EpiTwitter #MachineLearning https://twitter.com/jonathanstray/status/1314633513832914944
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New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
@9to5google.com 1 year ago
New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
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DeepMind's latest protein-solving AI AlphaFold pretty much cracks biology's 50-year conundrum
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#MachineLearning in the prediction of medical inpatient length of stay Plausible tool Via @The_IMJ ⚓️https://bit.ly/2HxgWNM @EFMI @gprietoz @DiandelaIglesia @ipfconline1 @Taniachinos @juanjobeunza @Ramondiax1 https://t.co/FR8fAFcaDh
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New #AI tool is a potential timesaver for #COVID19 researchers https://buff.ly/2YRJYwL @NorthwesternU via @medical_xpress #HealthTech #MachineLearning Cc @TamaraMcCleary @helene_wpli @jblefevre60 @HaroldSinnott @DeepLearn007 @ahier https://t.co/vYetLkCUyZ
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'Mind-blowing' #AI tool can design websites and prescribe medicine https://buff.ly/32DsEio @Independent #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence https://t.co/pAg7q2CdIK
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GPT-3 : 'Mind-blowing' AI tool can design websites and prescribe medicine #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #gpt3 #medicine #Algorithms #DataScience https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/gpt3-ai-tool-designs-websites-medicine-a9627966.html
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Open-source #machinelearning tool connects #drug targets with adverse reactions @harvardmed @TheLancet https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-open-source-machine-tool-drug-adverse.html
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Apple's COVID-19 screening tool can anonymously share symptoms with the CDC
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Google put an anxiety self-assessment in search
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Intel, Penn Medicine to co-develop AI tool for identifying brain tumours
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AI tool speeds up search for #COVID19 #treatments and #vaccines https://buff.ly/3c7hJj4 #fintech #insurtech #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #BigData #healthcare @medical_xpress @NorthwesternU https://t.co/jESA8awh4O
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Google #medical #researchers humbled when #AI screening tool falls short in real-life testing https://buff.ly/2y4iDOp #fintech #insurtech #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #healthare @TechCrunch @ahier @sallyeaves @diioannid @jblefevre60 @terence_mills https://t.co/oBaue3jwBh
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Microsoft blood bot helps recovered COVID-19 patients donate plasma
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Medical delivery drones can be a critical tool in the U.S. coronavirus response
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Apple COVID-19 mobility trend data released for the public good
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Parents are using Apple’s FaceTime to bond with newborns as hospitals tighten visitation rules
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AI tool finds 3 coronavirus signs that often lead to a severe case
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Apple’s new coronavirus screening app and website is now available
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Apple Launches COVID-19 Self-Screening Site
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Squids' Gene-Editing Superpowers May Unlock Human Cures
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New Website Tracks Coronavirus Outbreak in Real Time
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This AI tool can spot breast cancer early to save lives by @wef #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DataScience #NeuralNetworks #DeepLearning #BigData #Analytics #HealthTech #breastcancer #Medicine #healthcare #AI https://t.co/BBC4XPktUs
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This #AI tool can spot breast cancer early to save lives. #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #tech #technology #medicine #healtcare #research #science https://t.co/Tio5Owli9T
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Chinese Scientist Responsible for Genetically Engineered Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison