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Here are some excellent #Rstats books written by @thomaselove for a two-part course on #DataScience for Biological, Medical and Health Research Part 1: https://thomaselove.github.io/431-notes/ Part 2: https://thomaselove.github.io/432-notes/ Tips for building Table 1: https://thomaselove.github.io/432-notes/building-table-1.html H/T: @MaryRBoland
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1/20ish Do you train #MachineLearning models on #medicalimaging #data? These are a few tips to help prepare your data. A #tweetorial for #radres, #rads and #DataScientists. Inspired by a recent paper in @radiology_rsna https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/pdf/10.1148/radiol.2020192224
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tips to review #MachineLearning papers, esp. in #medicine & #neuroscience: -ask for a flowchart from raw data to final metrics! -don't assume CV (like repeated holdout) and advanced metrics (AUC) are implemented correctly. If you don't follow it drunk, they're likely wrong!
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