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Engineers create a tiny wireless implant that measures tissue oxygen levels
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What links ML, lasers, and tiny gold-plated micro-bots? Answer: Smart medicines
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Tiny lab-grown thyroids hint at a new way to treat hypothyroidism
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The answer to cancer might be these tiny robots
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HealthyU's 7 lead ECG makes it easier to monitor patients remotely - CNET
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Codiak Bio’s IPO Brings In $82M as Exosome Clinical Trials Begin
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Cambridge researchers develop invisible fibers for health monitoring
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Microscopic robots may soon invade your body whether you like it or not
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Harvard and Sony built a tiny surgery robot inspired by origami
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For the first time ever scientists used tiny #robots to cure infections by @wef #Healthcare #Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings #DigitalTransformation #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #BigData #Innovation #HealthTech #Wearables #Medicine https://t.co/YcbCthFbsK
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Today’s Roundup: nanomotors set tiny speed record; #fintech saddling Kenyans with debt; #algorithms + expertise; #AI IDs possible new antibiotic; #randomization for #MachineLearning; medical potential of psychedelics; #coronavirus spike protein; more: https://bit.ly/32dM3V3 https://t.co/IJrISWBTkA
@marcusborba 1 year ago
For the first time ever scientists used tiny #robots to cure infections by @wef #Healthcare #Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings #DigitalTransformation #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #Innovation #HealthTech #Wearables #Medicine https://t.co/YcbCthFbsK
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With $45M, Mammoth Bio Expects Big Things From Tiny CRISPR Cas14
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For the first time ever scientists used tiny #robots to cure infections #Healthcare #Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings #DigitalTransformation #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #Innovation #HealthTech #Wearables #Medicine https://t.co/YcbCthFbsK
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Quantum dots that light up TVs could be used for brain research
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OmniVision wins Guinness World Record for its tiny medical image sensor
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TruTag raises $7.5 million Series C for tiny, edible barcodes that can be placed on pills, food and vaping systems
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Chicago biotech company 3D prints a mini human heart
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Apple Watch may be able to detect signs of dementia, brain decline
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Tiny UK startup takes on Google’s Wing in the race to a drone traffic control system
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Tiny vibration-powered robots could repair your body from the inside
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Can Tiny Drug Doses (and One Woman’s Fortune) Fight the Most Vicious Cancer?
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Micro-submarines may one day deliver medications inside the body
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Tiny light-up barcodes help researchers identify DNA molecules
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ID-Cap System uses tiny ingestible pill sensors to monitor patients
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Researchers develop a painless glucose monitor for diabetics
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IBM fingernail sensor tracks health through your grip
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Tiny #robots swim through the #eye to deliver #medicine https://buff.ly/2KvQ4LL #fintech #insurtech #AI #ArtificialInteligence #healthcare #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #robotics @ahier @andi_staub @psb_dc @jblefevre60 @sciencemagazine @YuHelenYu https://buff.ly/2AnmoM3
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To Boost Cancer Pipeline, Gilead Bets at Least $50M on Startup Tango
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Experts caution study on plastics in humans is premature
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In Boston’s Shadow, Rhode Island Fights for Life Science Jobs, Respect
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CB Therapeutics’ lab-grown cannabinoids could unlock new medicines and make others affordable
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Researchers power tiny medical implant from over 100 feet away
@WIRED 3 years ago
Not only is this Hit-to-Kill missile tiny, but it's tracking system borrows from medical imaging technology like X-rays, ultrasound, and endoscopy.
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Tiny Injectable Chip Can Monitor Alcohol Levels in the Body
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IBM working on ‘world’s smallest computer’ to attach to just about everything
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This small robotic stingray could be the future of biological bots
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The FDA has approved the first digital pill
@extremetech.com 3 years ago
This Tiny Radioactive Implant is a Powerhouse for Treating Prostate Cancer
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Engineers genetically modified a dragonfly to carry a tiny solar-powered backpack
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AliveCor raises $30 million for its credit card-sized heart monitor and app
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Tiny chip looks deep inside your body with millimeter-wave radiation
@mashable.com 4 years ago
Scientists are turning dragonflies into tiny cyborg drones
@mashable.com 4 years ago
This revolutionary device could save gunshot victims from bleeding out
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Watch: We made Pig Oat Mash from Dragon Age
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Xiaomi's powerful air pollution beating face mask comes with a tiny air purifier
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Tiny wearable robots drive around your body, are extra pair of hands
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CRISPR loses Nobel to tiny machines