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Engineers create a tiny wireless implant that measures tissue oxygen levels
@SoniaBoender 12 days ago
Our latest publication, describing how we use real-time data from medical care settings to guide public health action in Germany Article in German: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00103-021-03300-5 @grabenhenrich @MadlenUche @resalike @NA_Register @DIVI_eV @RKI_fuer_Euch #COVID19 #DataScience https://t.co/NGRtVy911u
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Researchers show animal DNA can be collected from the air
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#TensorHolography could enable the creation of real time #holograms for #virtualreality, #3D printing & medical imaging. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepLearning #javascript #serverless #WomenInTech #python #Linux #Flutter #TensorFlow #PyTorch #IoT #AR #XR #MR https://twitter.com/wef/status/1375439956789882892
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Time to see Dr. Amazon? Amazon Care expands, eyes US rollout
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My COVID-19 vaccine experience was low-tech, and that’s a good thing
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A new microfluidic sensor measures lactate concentration during exercise
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Researchers were able to have a real-time dialogue with sleeping people
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This injectable gels contain slowly dissolve medicines
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Phonak Naída Paradise gives power back to those with severe hearing loss
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Scientists have jumpstarted the brains of two people who were in a coma
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Watching @MihaelaVDS’s talk on how *medicine is creating new frontiers for machine learning*! As part of the AI in medicine series by @UCLMedTech This time with my medical hat on ‍⚕️ #MachineLearning #Healthcare https://t.co/BBipNalyDo
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Biden elevates science advisor to cabinet role for the first time
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Researcher gets time served for lying about vials inside bag
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COVID-19 vaccines are safe, even with long-term data lacking - CNET
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Google wants to crowdsource data for medial research with its new Health Studies app
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Bio Roundup: CRISPR Kudos, Bristol Myers’s Buy, RNAi Alliance & More
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If you take this common medication, call your doctor and throw it out
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Scientists Sequence Genome of Mold That Gave Us Penicillin, the First Antibiotic
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“The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agreed to reimburse hospitals for use of Viz LVO, a smartphone app that spots signs of stroke so patients can receive time-critical treatment...” @DeepLearningAI_ #AI #MachineLearning #MedTech https://t.co/HleaeaUkDe
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Popular thyroid drugs recalled because they’re weaker than expected
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Ditch daylight saving time, urges American Academy of Sleep Medicine - CNET
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Elon Musk teased working Neuralink device: Will this rat be involved?
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#AI Can Read A #Cardiac #MRI In 4 Seconds: The present & future of automated #MachineLearning programs that have the ability to significantly increase the speed of analysis. But it’s not ready for prime time just yet. #tech #IoT #futureofwork #ML #Medical https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertglatter/2019/09/28/ai-can-read-a-cardiac-mri-in-4-seconds-do-we-still-need-human-input/amp/
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Cashews may hold the secret to healing damaged nerves
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Yale saliva-based COVID-19 test gets FDA emergency use approval
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Day 36: Started on project 3/5 in #DataScience with #freeCodeCamp 'Medical Data Visualizer' using #matplotlib this time. Watched some more on #PyTorch video for #ArtificialIntelligence Drew another landscape with #inkscape #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #python #svg https://t.co/X3TFuwreDS
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Black Hat: How your pacemaker could become an insider threat to national security
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Canada just gave some people permission to use magic mushrooms
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🤔When I go to a doctors office for the first time, I get to sign a HIPPA form, but I think I would rather see a "These are the 3rd party Vendors—such as Amazon's Comprehend Medical—we will be sharing your health data with" form! #HIPPA #BIGDATA #AI #Ethics #EHR
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How SF Medic from @SourceFuse provides real-time clinical decision support using AWS #machinelearning services: https://go.aws/3fXoMwt https://t.co/9Cs4Bs0UPX
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5G couldn't have come to health care at a better time - CNET
Prepare for a winter covid-19 spike now, say medical experts
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R Views - May 2020: "Top 40" New CRAN Packages @RStudioJoe highlighting 40 of the 180 R-packages added in May. Categories include Finance, Genomics, Marketing, ML, Medicine, Science, Statistics, Time Series, Utilities, & Visualization. https://buff.ly/2YN7hJc #rstats #DataScience
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It’s Time for Dr. Phil to Take a Dose of His Own Medicine
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Study finds face masks ‘critical’ for individual COVID-19 protection
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG has been cleared for use in South Korea
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Researchers found an novel way to treat snakebite victims
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Noisy Guts is recruiting! We need an additional full-time #MachineLearning specialist to help us decode gut noises. Medical ML or acoustic signal processing experience preferred. Contact mary@noisyguts.net Please RT @WiMLDS @srigsri23 #Python #medtech @PerthMLGroup #startups https://t.co/93reczpQQ2
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Google admits its diabetic blindness AI fell short in real-life tests
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Neurocrine Gets FDA Nod for Once-Daily “Add-On” Parkinson’s Pill
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FDA warns dangerous chlorine dioxide products won’t cure COVID-19
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Amazon extends return window amid coronavirus pandemic
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#DKFZatHome Patrick Scholz, Div. of Computer Assisted Medical Interventions: "My #PhD topic is "Lifelong #MachineLearning in Surgical #DataScience" and focuses on #ML techniques minimizing the time & resource consuming data collection process, in cooperation with @uniklinik_hd" https://t.co/QJ33T6Do32
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'Borderlands 3' rewards you for aiding human gut research
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Complete Anatomy App Will Use LiDAR in iPad Pro to Measure Range of Motion After Injury
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How Un-Miracle Drugs Could Help Tame the Pandemic
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Amazon reportedly in talks to test warehouse workers for COVID-19