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Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink aims for clinical trials
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Cannabis and suicide issues linked in young users, but a big question remains
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Researchers bring the sense of touch to robotic prosthetics
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Looming ventilator shortage amid pandemic sparks rise of open-source DIY medical kit. Good thinking – but safe?
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This game uses troll tactics to teach critical thinking
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Entrepreneurs Thinking Inside the Box
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Brain-to-brain network allows three people to share their thoughts
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The predictive powers of AI could make human forecasters obsolete
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For #machinelearning #Statistics #medicine: Clarification of my thinking about the role of classification vs. prediction in http://fharrell.com/post/classification https://t.co/kUKd8n2mB1
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Are we ready in medicine to start thinking of more clever ways to show routine data - in a way that sparks interest, curiosity, discovery? #bigdata Why does sports seem to be so far ahead of us? Availability of data? Rewards of innovation? https://twitter.com/jscarto/status/928371199423414273
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Thinking that #Cannabis will be the first crop to take full advantage of Big Data #bigdata
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ODG’s new augmented reality glasses are for normal people (with a lot of money)
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T2: we can never ever make medicine "free of human touch and thinking" #machinelearning is to boost human touch and care #hcldr
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Coca-Cola made a selfie bottle but luckily humans only have 1,000 years left
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Rethinking the customer relationship in medtech
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The diagnosis and the cure of automation
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Hollywood is making a movie about Theranos starring Jennifer Lawrence as founder Elizabeth Holmes
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This computer can tell what people are thinking instantaneously
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The FDA doesn’t want to regulate wearables, and device makers want to keep it that way
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These kind of microbial maps aren’t just for show. Done right, they can reveal a lot about a city’s history and future.