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Here's Why Doxylamine Succinate Might Not Help Your Insomnia - CNET
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YouTube Cracks Down on Cancer Treatment Misinformation - CNET
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YouTube will tackle cancer misinformation as part of its updated health policy
@noolslucas 1 year ago
Inspirational talk @ICULone about #maternalmorbidity - inclusive research, MDT, medical student (J Masterton) #bigdata. So important to think about longer term outcomes - obs patients recover physiologically quickly but more vulnerable to chronic morbidity #OAA23ASM @awisedoctor https://t.co/4kzRNWeGhg
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Google is working on AI for ultrasound diagnosis and cancer therapy
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How the problem of hiring healthcare staff has become a fertile ground for startups
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Astronauts Going to Mars Could Get ‘Space Anemia’
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Scientists Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Heart Into a Human
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Citizen Is Paying Users To Run The App And Their Mouths At Crime Scenes And Medical Emergencies
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Implantable carbon fiber brain electrodes perform well in animal testing
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Study finds too much coffee can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
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COVID-19 vaccines are safe, even with long-term data lacking - CNET
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Vaping linked to massive lung disease risk in healthy non-smokers
Covid testing, MIT style
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Study finds most recovered COVID-19 patients have heart issues
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MDMA clinical trials report profound long-term impact on PTSD suffers
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iPhone manufacturer Foxconn will produce ventilators in its Wisconsin factory
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Coronavirus and 3D printing: How makers are stepping up to supply vital medical kit
@Primary_Immune 4 years ago
Forget the term 'Big Data' when it comes to Medicine and healthcare... ...It's absolutely 'ENORMOUS Data,' and it's getting more so all of the time... https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-019-0703-0.pdf #serverless #snrtg #iot #bigdata #meded #technology #scicomm #genomics #rarediseases #raredisease https://t.co/BJNCHi1nuH
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Vaping liquid flavors may fuel long-term lung damage and cancer
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The Business Of Medical Cannabis Cultivation
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We have created medical #cyborgs @ParisTxGroup. Clinicians with strong medical background + PhD in #biostatistics + robust knowledge in methodology & #MachineLearning. Outside the usual boundaries, we now have to coin a term to qualify them: Digital clinical scientists ? https://t.co/DpshHSFcWD
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Short-term vaping can trigger the inflammation that causes lung disease
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Another study warns drinking soda and energy drinks daily may be deadly
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NYU researchers made mice smarter by manipulating their brainwaves with light
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MedCo Touts New Data for Long-Lasting Heart Drug as Reckoning Looms
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Poor sleep, stress most damaging to people with common health issue
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Study finds profound psychedelic trips can offer long-term healing
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Long term study finds engineered blood vessels turned to living tissue
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Alivecor gets a green light from FDA to screen for dangerously high potassium levels in the blood
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Datasets for #MachineLearning released by @FigureEightInc — millions of images with labeled objects, 400K handwritten names for OCR, medical term relationships, parking signs, etc. Download them at: https://www.figure-eight.com/datasets/ #BigData #DataScience #ComputerVision https://t.co/LKtNkQlvsM
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The 3 most valuable applications of AI in health care
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Why personalization is the key to long-term health
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Your smartphone could help power future cancer cures
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Microsoft launches a new archival storage option for Azure
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This super-stretchy wearable feels like a second skin and can record data
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Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Eliminate Lower Back Pain
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Tackling diagnostic medicine with AI, Viz launches a tool to identify strokes
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Alphabet’s Verily offers a more serious take on health monitoring wearables with the Study Watch
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WebMD taps Apple’s ResearchKit for study on factors contributing to healthy pregnancies
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Augmenix Announces Positive Three-Year Long-Term Data Highlighting Benefits of SpaceOAR® Hydrogel Spacer for Patients with Prostate Cancer
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WTF is a liquidation preference?
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Sensor-studded suit helps track recovery of stroke patients
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Svelte Medical Systems Announces Start of DIRECT III Post-Market Registry Study
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Bitcoin Price Watch; A Short-term Cascade Effect
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Wow. "There is no significant evidence of long term efficacy of insulin on any clinical outcome in Type 2 diabetes." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27391319/
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From malaria to plant diseases –this accelerator is tackling the world’s real problems
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Electricity and bionics: The future of powering medical miracles