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Teens are struggling to quit smoking and vaping
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Severe virus infections in teens may fuel MS development later in life
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New York state bans sales of flavored e-cigarettes
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The FTC is reportedly investigating Juul's teen marketing tactics
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WW, formerly Weight Watchers, launches a weight loss app for kids
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FDA targets teens with e-cigarette prevention ads
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Study links frequent gadget use to increased ADHD symptoms in teens
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Study links ADHD symptoms in teens to frequent gadget use
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Sharing is caring: Half of all GoFundMe donations are for medical bills
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These teen girls from Kenya invented an app to end female genital mutilation
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Teens are doing fewer drugs than ever (except for weed)
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Medical marijuana doesn’t make for more teenage stoners
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Queer teens are four times more likely to commit suicide, CDC reports
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Legal weed hasn't turned all of Colorado's teens into stoners
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Teens didn't start smoking more weed after medical pot was legalized