@aaronylee 5 months ago
We need more #DataScience in #Ophthalmology! Should #medicalschool or #residency start teaching #BigData or #AI core concepts earlier? I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can raise fluency in these concepts! @EyeRes_ @ophtho_res #Match2022 #medicalstudents
@PurdueResFound 7 months ago
TAKE 6: Dr. Stephen Byrn took time away from filling capsules in his lab to speak w us. Learn how being an underdog can be a boon for research, how #MachineLearning may advance the future of #medicine & about his teaching in Tanzania. https://discoveryparkdistrict.com/blog-2021-04-28/ #Purdue #PRF https://t.co/4Jj3lPGfmQ
@thiyangt 7 months ago
Do you want a new data package for teaching? MedLEA package provides morphological and structural features of 471 medicinal plant leaves and 1099 leaf images of 31 species and 29-45 images per species. https://github.com/SMART-Research/MedLEA #rstats #DataVisualization #dataviz #MachineLearning https://t.co/rYpyj16rTs
@icymi_r 8 months ago
🩺 medicaldata • This is a data package with several medical datasets for teaching Reproducible Medical Research with R. Peter Higgins @ibddoctor https://github.com/higgi13425/medicaldata #rstats #datascience
@TheRealAreeba 1 year ago
Had SO much fun teaching #MachineLearning to my brilliant classmates @EmoryMedicine! Stay tuned for links to our workshop resources via @MedicalML #MedEd https://twitter.com/vineettiruvadi/status/1297309247005495310
@HamamatsuPhoton 1 year ago
Engineers at @DukeU used #machinelearning to develop a #microscope capable of teaching itself the optimal settings needed to complete a diagnostic task: http://bit.ly/36mtZZM via @PhotonicsMedia #medicaldiagnostics #microscopy #optics #biophotonics https://t.co/OzkJOujdYD
@MKorja 2 years ago
Dr @rahulbrraj from Dept of Neurosurgery, Helsinki University, teaching machine learning to @helsinkiuni medical students in the OR lobby. Many future doctors will also be AI experts. #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #brain #TBI #trauma #Neurosurgery https://t.co/Q7q9weuyOO
@WIRED 3 years ago
Sculptures or human organs? These human anatomical specimens have been used as teaching aids by the Medical Faculty of The University of Hong Kong since the 60's. But when shot close-up, in black and white, it can be hard to tell https://wired.trib.al/CYnpzxr : Chan Dick https://t.co/RaJjxvQ0Rn
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Teaching computers to plan for the future
@venturebeat.com 3 years ago
‘Citizen AI’: Teaching artificial intelligence to act responsibly
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Thrilled! Teaching class on "System Foundations in #DataScience #AI " at #Stanford Univ School of Medicine Fall '17 Wearing my #pinksocks https://t.co/KpEwv9woD0
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Virtual reality patients are teaching med students how to break bad news
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Lab-made blood cells may curb brain cancer